Scott Frost / Nebraska doing it the right way

The proof is in the pudding. Scott Frost has been underwhelming to say the least at Nebraska. Hasn’t made a bowl game in the 4 years he’s been there.

That being said, not only did Nebraska agree to extend his contract, but he also fired underperforming staff, took a salary cut and reduced his buyout because he believes in Nebraska and wants to be there. He also has a chance to recruit a better quarterback because god knows why he continues to use Martinez

I’m a Scott Frost fan. He left UCF in good spirit to coach his alma mater. Best of luck to CSF


They are a lot more competitive than when he got there…They still cant win yet, but they ARE better…He just needs more time…I’m glad he’s going to get it, because he is a good coach.


I imagine that the rest of the B10 is highly supportive of Nebraska extending Scott Frost.

I really do hope it works out for him. I thought he was a class act and put UCF on the map.


I don’t think he had a choice to take a pay cut, fire his staff and reduce his 20 million dollar buyout. He believes in what he is doing but I doubt this was a volunteer situation or that he felt he was making too much.


I’m a fan also. He has been extraordinarily loyal to his quarterback, who is fairly average. That might speak volumes about his loyalty to the rest of his players.

If Illinois can beat them (which they could), then something isn’t working well.

Frost (or anybody else in that job) looks like they have a tough row to hoe.

Wait a second, Nebraska plays in a premier P5 conference, makes tons of money, sells out every game, has lots of dorms, dominates the states media. I was lead to believe that this is what UH needs to succeed. Why isn’t it working for Nebraska? Hmmm.


Nebraska has had a really tough time since they joined the B1G. Recruiting is tougher and really, if you’re good and offers from all over the country, would you want to go to Nebraska?

I always liked Nebraska and I wish Scott Frost and the Cornhuskers well. I hope they return to former levels. I would like to play them again and go 2-0. My “1-0 all time record against Nebraska” comment for my Nebraska friends needs updating.

I think Adrian Martinez is going to collect Social Security while playing QB at Nebraska. For anyone who complains about Clayton Tune, they should watch Martinez, He puts up good numbers, but always seems to find a way to always come up just short. .

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No recruits in Nebraska, plus ever since Texas(mostly) started requiring Nebraska athletes to be able to read to get into the school it’s been tough.

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When Nebraska was good (really good), all I heard was how Nebraska was filled with Nebraskan big, tough, farm boys that grew up dreaming of playing for Nebraska. Maybe it still is but perhaps the game has changed away from 3 yards and a cloud of dust to faster, more agile athletes running all over the field covering big areas of open space.


Nebraska should rejoin the Big 12!!

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Yes, but all of their skill players came from New Jersey !

They should, together with Colorado. UT ran them off, but UT is no longer around.

They can reestablish all of their old rivalries!


Except OU which was their main rival back in the day.

Actually , it would be cool to have N back in the B12 and they reestablish their
OU game. That would give the B12 a game against SEC . Put that’s a pipe dream…
not gonna give up $$$ to join B12. Fun to dream, if don’t consider money.

exactly what Herman did. Didn’t work out. I don’t think a coach can gut his staff and turn it around in one season, but we will see if it works in Nebraska

Yes, it’s the Hail Mary desperation move to save yourself. It’s admitting all your critical hires were
flops and you’re getting a second chance to get it right. Question is how long will they be patient
with the version 2.0, to give it a chance to work, and what is the benchmark in W/L and bowl games. In today’s world, v2.0 may not even get a full season. Maybe they get 2 years at most to
turn it around.

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Yep…Herman got one year

Together with Colorado, which, in my dream scenario, would come back as well. They have played 71 times and already have non-conference games scheduled over the next few years.

Also, they could re-establish rivalries with their next door neighbors in Kansas (played over 100 times), and Kansas State (played 95 times).

Ironically, Colorado probably fits in more culturally, with the PAC 12 now than it did at the time it joined. I could see them leaving for the BIG 10 (along with KU) when the BIG 10 finally expands, but I don’t see them rejoining the Big 12.

Nebraska will not leave the BIG 10 because it knows that it has no better option, especially from an academic and research perspective. The positive externalities of being a BIG 10 school are too great to pass up. Nothing similar in the Big 12.

With that said, Nebraska is an also ran that is on the verge of reaching has been status. I am not sure what can be done to save it. As mentioned above, historically, while its O lineman came from Nebraska and some of the surrounding states, its skill players and D Line talent came from outside NE (I.e. Suh, Wistrom, Amukamara, Turner Gill, Lawrence Phillips, Irving Fryer, Mike Rozier, etc.).

They need a complete reset/rebuild they way Bama did in win Saban arrived. Not sure if Frost is the man to do it. Bama tried to go down the alumni route by hiring Mike Shula after Franchione left, but it did not work out. Heck, before Franchione, the coach was Mike DuBose, another alum.

I have stated my opinion on this many times - alumni generally don’t make great coaches. Too much pressure and sentimentality. Frost looks like he is going down this route. Nebraska even hired an alum as AD, Trev Alberts.

I bet Bo Pelini doesn’t look so bad now.

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As a B1G alum (Illinois) I can tell you straight-up that Nebraska has been considered an academic PARIAH in the B1G since they lost their AAU status.

That makes them an academic embarrassment to the rest of the B1G.

They do get more money in the B1G than the Big 12, but that has come at a cost of lowering both their football and academic profile, and losing many of their traditional rivals.