SDSU rape scandal

He’s a helluva ball player. Are you sure it happened just like this?

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… well there goes SDSU’s Pac-12 bid


Step Bros


I would tend to not blame a University for such a crime, unless that school is like Baylor in creating, condoning, and attempting to cover up the crime. Now if the accused are convicted and SDSU takes appropriate action in response, then how could SDSU be looked down upon the way i look down on Baylor?


RapeU is the scum of the Earth and always will be.


That was intense to read

She arrived at the Halloween party dressed as a fairy. She had already been drinking with her friends, she said, when she met a San Diego State football player at the house just blocks from campus. The player gave her a drink and eventually led her inside the house to a bedroom where she said several of his teammates took turns sexually assaulting her, slamming her down on a bed and ripping out her piercings.

Covered in blood, she found her friends outside after what she believed to be more than an hour.

“I was just raped,” she told them.

The next day, with bruises across her neck and down her legs, she filed a report with San Diego police and underwent a rape exam at Rady Children’s Hospital. The arduous process lasted through the night as her body was swabbed and she was tested for pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

She was 17 years old.

I would want the death penalty for anyone that did it to her, but at the same time i want absolute proof beyond any shadow of doubt, that the person being executed was actually the one that committed the crime. Here in West Virginia we had a criminal forensic scientist named Fred Zane, he was very good at getting people convicted of crimes, for instance we sent a guy to prison for rape by the name of Glen Dale Woodhall. Now Zane was so damn good at his job that Texas came in and hired him to do the same thing for Texas. The problem was, the lying son of a biscuit eater was faking the evidence…that Glen Dale Woodhall, and MANY, MANY others were not guilty and convicted on the basis of fraudulent evidence. I know rape is a serious crime and im all for the utter destruction of the guilty, but they must be PROVEN GUILTY.


Fred Zane…

They took it to University Police and told her dad it was a San Diego police matter. They didn’t exactly go out of their way to help her.

But, yes, common sense says you don’t blame the University for individual’s actions (if true); however, court of public opinion and perception doesn’t work that way.

The article said the alleged rape occurred off campus, so my question to any of you with law enforcement experience is, could the University police have done anything other than refer the victim to the metro police…it would be a matter of jurisdiction, right?

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I’m not arguing that point but separate police forces usually work together to help solve a crime. The fact that this alleged incident involved SDSU student athletes, then it would be in the best interest to assist with the investigation. I have no doubt SDSU police and City of SD have worked together in the past.

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According to the SDSU board, apparently one of the players is on an NFL roster and some other starters were invovled. The names are apparently going to be made public soon.

IF this stuff a true and not a game of telephone and hearsay, this isn’t a good look for SDSU.

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so much for PACs number one target.

This has been public for a while now:

From SDSU’s President:

Either way this has been a terrible look on SDSU. IMO the President should resign immediately and the rapists should be behind bars for years.
Let’s all hope due process takes place.
Now this:
I can tell you first hand that none of this culture would have been tolerated under Coach Rocky Long (hoke’s predecessor)
Now this is where it is even more troubling:

Does anyone see a correlation here?

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it depends on whether they acted upon any information they were provided or failed to react to allegations. Then they are culpable. Whoever has jurisdiction doesnt matter in my mind. The university should investigate their athletic students for misconduct whether it occurred off campus or on campus.

I hope that is a means to frame the collegiate, enforcement, athletic, and societal action taken so far.

This is what our enforcement and judicial structure is for.

It appears that the reality is that there are separate tiers of justice (or lack thereof) depending on wealth, community standing, political office, celebrity status, and all the other things our establishment tries to divide us with. This may or may not apply here but it seems to smack of the all too frequent injustice gnawing at society’s very core.

I can respect the approach to keep it quiet, avoid the lies or even truths that will come from exposure. I have never been on either side if such a thing. I figure one must weigh consequences against pursuing justice.

People who do bad things will lie to avoid negative consequences. Chances of justice and actually getting to court of law seem slim anymore.

So what is the truth? I have no bias except against the lack of character of all involved where that exists. A court and jury should decide if evidence is there to take on the case.

I also believe strongly that false accusation should be punished the same or in appropriate proportion as the act which one was accused if proven innocent.

Sorry for grammar and spelling errors. I don’t usually use my phone for such things and will try to correct later on my laptop.

Now after i put my mark on these papers ill go check 8->


Im not sure that University police even have the authority to investigate crimes off of campus. Now maybe they could because the accused were students but i believe in such situations there just isnt much they can do…i suspect that because of the location that the metro police MUST at least be lead on the case. Now perhaps the University can in conjunction with metro police hold an investigation to see if such behavior is being fostered by SDSU staff, but it is way too early to demand a resignation of the University President over this…if the University responds to this correctly as the case unfolds then i dont see why anyone other than the actual criminals need to pay a price. In fact we still havent ascertained that the accused are guilty just yet…they might not be guilty at all…that is up to a jury to decide

SDSU has kept track and were told by the police to not conduct an investigation.

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If that timeline is accurate then SDSU would seem to be beyond reproach in this incident, at least so far…they have either been as helpful in granting assistance or simply getting the hell out of the way of the lead investigators.