Season Ticket Email

Just got the email justifying the price increases for the coming year and it looks like the prices we saw last week were right. It says the tickets will increase 50٪ in price.


Damnnn… They have to make up for all that NIL money spending this off-season.


With season-ticket renewals for UH Men’s Basketball beginning this morning at 10 a.m., we want you to know we are implementing new season ticket pricing plans. For the 2023 24 season, Men’s Basketball season ticket holders can expect to see a net 50% increase on average. By renewing prior to the June 23rd deadline you will lock-in your same seats at the lowest price we will offer for next season. After this renewal deadline, prices are subject to further change. As a result, please do renew your seats now.

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I’m guessing the game vs A&M in Toyota Center will be part of the season tickets deal. But who knows because is listed as a neutral site.

UH does not pay NIL.


Yeah i was being sarcastic. Being in the Big 12 ain’t cheap. Even though the pros out weight the cons no doubt.

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So many pros…I’m giddy about next season.

CHARGE!!! Not necessarily full speed ahead, but it’s more about my SW Visa. Companion Pass here I come!


Unlike the Texans seats I held for 19 years, my UH hoops investment has paid me back with a ton of fun. It’s my team, even the bad years were good. I’m ready to Renu (pun intended)!.


Dang it these prices were right, 50%… Wow… Lol welp

Does anyone know if they are doing the payment plan again?

I can’t imagine why they wouldn’t. Especially with a price bump like this in place. OTOH we are UH so anything is possible.

We’re going in there as 4th highest. So


I tried to renew via email and it shows

" Renewal Applications


Sorry, you currently have no applications available online."

Why is the UH Athletics ticket office so incompetent?


Had the same problem. I’ve honestly been calling the CP office and renewing over the phone most years.


I just renewed my tics

Same. And same question.

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Per the website:

  • 4-Month Payment Plan Information
    • Payment 1: Date of Purchase
    • Payment 2: TBA
    • Payment 3: TBA
    • Payment 4: TBA

How are they SO bad?


How? I’ve been on hold for 15 minutes because there is no option online.


This is Basketball site. Keep negativity at the lowest point possible.
But i always wait coulple weeks minimum at least once it’s announced b4 calling. Then I’m on phone maybe 10 mins max. Your seats aren’t going anywhere so imo no need to have done this week. I’ll probably call in late May or early June… its the same as Today. Jmo on how it could lower once frustrations.


Spoke to a very nice guy on the phone, he is the only one working the phones and has assured me they are working on getting things corrected.

Confirmed that the numbers last week were correct and my ticket price went up to $1254 and he thinks the renewal deadline is June 23rd. They dont have a correct pricing seat map ready yet.