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Seems like a subtle way to raise ticket prices. Go from 7 home games (including one in Reliant) to 6 home games but keep the price the same. I guess technically some of the seats went down in price if you take into account the Cougar Pride restructuring for them.

My section 131 & section 127 are getting permanent seat backs but losing 44 seats. Price Also, there will be no more general admission seating. Looks like every section (other than student and maybe visitors) has a CP donation attached.

Makes me wonder if it was because of the Reliant game. A few season ticket holders were surprised that a $10 Cougar Pride donation trumped buying season tickets several years in TDECU in seating priorities. If they want to continue that point system, season tickets should definitely count for more than 1 point per seat. This new pricing corrects that.

My section in the end zone was the old Memorial Herman family pack have been sitting there since early Keenum days and season tix for the last 4-5 years. last year there was about a 50% price increase from 300 to 440 I believe. Todays email states that tickets will be 1000( for Four tix) confirmed through a ticket agent this morning. I love my coogs bigtime but thats a ridiculous price increase coming off last season especially.if they keep that price structure. There wont be close to as many folks in the stands, just curious to what y’all thought?

Can you break that down a little better? Were you paying $75 per season ticket two years ago and those same tickets are $250 now? If so what section was that?

Not being able to buy a family 4-pack is going to hurt some families…I do hope UH reconsiders not having those


because of the change in my financial situation I was going to have to give up my seats and buy the family pack but it it $1,000 then I will have to watch on tv. I just cannot afford that much.

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Hmmm. I wish you’d still get the young alumni benefit if you sat in another area. I don’t mind paying extra to sit in 308

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Best deal last year was the Family Pack.

The only “deal” that seems to be offered this year is the “Young Alumni” option.

If you’re pinching your pennies, you can get in at $175/ticket ($150 + $25 CP donation). But you’ll be in the 300s, in the corners.

I have a family of 6, but only need 5 tickets bc my boy is under 3. Hopefully they keep that rule.
I was in the family plan last year and was planning on that this year. I’m disappointed, but I’ll probably look into moving over to the sidelines on the 200 level. The 300 level is just too much with kids and potty breaks.

I agreed. I hope they bring back the family plan. Our group has over 50 seats for the family plan. If that go away, I can’t see too many, if any, will renew. We’re talking about going from $300 for the first 2 yrs of tdecu to $420 last year and $1000 for this upcoming season. Huge increase.

I believe you still do, unless they changed it. I haven’t been in the Young Alumni section the last two years but still get the benefits as I still qualify.

I didn’t last year. I only received 2 points for my two-seat season tickets.

When did you graduate? Wait, extra points is on your donation. No multiplier on your seat points last year.

Summer of 2013. Then I don’t remember my donation for 2016 seats. My cougar pride says .80

Contact them. They should be able to fix it. I wonder though with an increase in the season ticket donations will there be a decrease in the number of 46er’s?
Or if some people drop their tickets due to the price structure, will we lose their CP donations too in a way that the new donation structure can’t compensate for.

Pete Heim, an Alabama ticket guy was hired to run our ticket office last year, a little to late too implement any changes. Apparently, that didn’t stop him this year.


Change Management 101: make changes to an organization incrementally and ensure buy-in of each step.


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If we were going a third season with the same staff and a better finish the timing would be right. With almost a completely new coaching staff (and half the price), losing four of our last eight games, one less home game and having Texas Tech and Navy be our marquee home games as opposed to OU and Louisville, even the appearance of prices going up per game just doesn’t add up.


Agreed, I’d hate for these changes to tickets as well as to our coaching staff cause a dip in attendance or season ticket sales. Not to mention external factors like the economy. We can’t lose momentum.

Yes two or three years ago it was 300 or $310 I believe for a four pack, granted up in the end zones by the scoreboard is general admission but I like to get there early anyway plus I’ve been sitting there with my son making memories for the past five years so it made sense for us to sit there, financially also.
Even with a 50% increase to 440 I was not complaining at all but more than double not coming off of a strong season, so to say , bad marketing! I called the ticket office just to register my complaint politely of course hoping others will do the same . Even though I did not spend top dollar on the more expensive tickets my butt was in those seats and there were three other seats around me that were full every game, plus I traveled to Texas State, Navy, SMU and Atlanta a couple years ago so I think I might be considered a good fan.

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Geez…this makes it harder for me to get 4 season tickets now. I enjoyed buying the family four pack. If the increase is that much, I will see how many tickets I can get and where the seats will be, that would still be within budget. That just means I take less people with me to the games now.