Season Ticket plans announced by UH Athletics

I live out of town and have had season tickets periodically over the years. I want to purchase season tickets again for next year for football and basketball. Here’s all the information on the UH ticket office website about football:

2023 Football Season Ticket Deposits are available now!

Literally no other information about dates/prices or when more information might be available. I called, was on hold and asked some questions and joined the waitlist with a deposit. I also wanted to do the same for basketball and the website says this when you click on 2023-2024 waitlist:

There are no events or items on sale at this time
Again, no information on joining a waitlist, deposit or when that might happen

I asked about b-ball season tickets and was told “we don’t know if there will be any available next year.”

Is this the best we can do? Should we get a 3rd party to run the ticket office and the website? Talk about a way to kill momentum. Make it difficult for your alumni (and much more for the casual fan who wants season tickets). Even the website could provide some basic information so you’re not wasting time calling the office and waiting on hold for them to answer questions. I doubt UT, TT or even Baylor or TCU’s ticket office or website would have such limited information for people who actually want to buy tickets.

I suggest you send an email to Hunter Ray. Ask him to help you with all of your questions.


You have to get in a wait list for next year. They will let you know when/if you can pick seats after the current season ticket holders get thier chance

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I completely understand the concept of the waitlist. My point is we’re doing nothing on the website to promote the availability to get season tickets and there’s zero information unless you make a call. Your casual fan will probably not pick up the phone and call the office. They need to make the process easier or at least provide more information on the website.


Well I am guessing they aren’t expecting much availability for next year when it comes to basketball.

I called the ticket office yesterday about renewals. They are only taking deposits for new season ticket holders. Renewal notifications will be going out soon. He did say pricing would be released yesterday, but I haven’t seen it yet. He said there will be a “noticeable price difference”.

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Hunter Ray (and probably other staff) are either jumping the gun on everything, or just throwing random stuff around for sales. What in the world is going on in the ticket office?

This is not to discount the fact that they’ve been absolutely helpful in questions though.

Well, Pezman did say y’all a bunch of tickets scalpers. They’d rather sell tickets directly to the Longhorns and the Horn frogs.


What if you are a horned frog and a UH season ticket holder already??

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Buy two times the number of tickets you need!


Data on new customers for Season Ticket request. :tickets:

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Regarding new season ticket deposits, the website isn’t very clear - is it $75 per order, or $75 per desired ticket?

75 per ticket …

Thanks. I thought that might be it.

I had the same question so I called the ticket office. I was told I only needed to pay $75 for 2 season tickets. Went on to say I was only buying a place in line, and I would specify later how many tickets I needed. The $75 dollars gets applied to the final cost of the tickets.

Nothing like getting consistent information.

Not to worried about it. One way or another, it’ll get sorted out.

Here you go Coog fans. Ticket info for 2023 season



So, just a letter saying there’s an increase and why… what about the actual seating price chart?

Yeah my exact thought too. 30% isn’t bad, but can we just have the prices already?

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Just preparing everyone. I call it the Prenup! :smiley: