SEC Expansion-- UT, OK


“An announcement could come within a couple of weeks… SEC commissioner Greg Sankey declined comment”



As many can’t open, the basis of the story is UT, OK has reached out to SEC to join Conf n be the first Super 16 Conf to form. An announcement could come as soon as few weeks. Brent Zwerneman-- beat writer for Ags has the story. So very legit source.

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Did the SEC say no?

Big 12 may be looking for couple of schools for replacement.

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They are in discussions based on the story.

Edit: if they said No, there’s no need to break the story!!


Query, how will aTm feel to have UT back?

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Imagine the SEC conference payout adding those 2 schools. ESPN will transfer $30M from every Big 12 team payout to the SEC.

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If that happens, I can see the PAC 12 moving east adding some leftover Big 12 teams.


Delightful. Long lost friend, where one has been afraid to call the other for many yrs. :grin::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

This has been in the works for a while. One of the hangups is guess ? The longhorn network. Also ATM pushing hard against it. I still believe UT and OU are just using this to get more from the Big12 than a 10% share of the tv $.


Baylor, Tech, Iowa State, Kansas State, TCU, etc should all be scared


I thought all B12 teams split the TV deal evenly.

Paul Finebaum show starts at 4:30 today after SEC Media Day coverage.
The usual cast of crackpot callers will be in a singular frenzy today.


Of course but is Big XII -6 +2 better than some AAC schools? Recent participation in NY6 games would indicate no.

Anyway, if this does indeed happen, would the PAC feel a need to plant a flag in the Central Timezone (where there might be a decrease in inventory since aggy and whorn will play more Eastern Timezone games).

They may have to put Bama in the East division if that happens. UT doesn’t want to play them every year.

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I’ve been against AAC expansion (other than maybe BYU) in favor of waiting for this to (possibly) happen.

Most likely Missouri would go to the west and both Alabama schools would be in the east.

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