Secret scrimmage

we play Texas tech in a secret scrimmage on the 27th in Forth Worth

tech is a projected tourney team so it should be an informative game for the coaches…
i hope we get whispers about how it went


Thanks pesik. Really interested in the growth of our returning players.

I’m really interested in the new players as I believe returning players will always progress under CKS.

Is UH & Tech prepping for next phase in ReAlignment??..sure seems that way!

Geez…Not gonna happen

Not talking Big12…talking another conference.

Well, I would hope to see it in my lifetime, but I doubt it. Maybe an OK and ut’less big12.

At least 6 years off as a possibility.

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We had one against Baylor last year and won. Hoping for the same results.

Not secret anymore.


Good measuring stick, no doubt. At ft. worth neutral court, luv it. I hope we get so!e insight of re scrimmage. If GR3 can have a career year shooting the 3, UH will be a Top 25 team and win conference no doubt.

Not familiar with how these scrimmages work…are they played like an acutal 40 minute game?

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Yes. We played one of these “not so secret” scrimmages against Baylor in Waco last year. Here are a couple of threads discussing that game.

Read the OP in the “My Thoughts” thread - @srassen7 is a freaking Nostradamus.


Thanks for posting that!

Like being told about your surprise birthday party.


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And I will be out of town… Would have found a way in if I was here that date.

hoping for some good news tomorrow

Guessing this IG post is the team on their way to the scrimmage

With 2 key guys out, not willing to read too much into it.

to some extent, if its a close loss it means nothing really…

if we win without 2 projected starters, that is a big sign to our depth…
if we loss in a blowout, that is a big sign to our depth (or lack there off)

we won, or we lost and corey had a big game …

he tweeted this right after the scrimmage

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