Selling 2 Tickets

Section 117, Row 8, $100 OBO for the pair (plus parking).

I thought we were not supposed to “scalp” tickets on this sight??? You’re offering two $10 face value seats for $100. Shame on you!! Your best offer should be $20 or less for the two.


$2. Is that the best offer so far?

Agreed. This should not a place to shop your tickets. Especially if you are putting them up for a similar price to what it is on Stubhub and just using this site as a way to get around the fees. SMH



We have arrived!


It’s still cheaper than you could get the same tickets on Stubhub without parking.


First of all, I agree that no one should be trying to get rich or profit off the Coogfans site.

On the other hand, those “$10” tickets (or whatever price they stamped on the ticket, mine say $11.25) does not reflect the actual cost of the ticket. Throw in the per ticket cougar pride donation and/or the hefty contribution to the Fertitta Center in order to purchase the tickets and you are there. I don’t know if the original poster’s seats fit that category or not, but in my case, to say my tickets cost $11.25 is quite humorous. :slight_smile:

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The seating chart for single game tickets has section 117 at $10. I understand if season tickets were purchased with the required CP donation and/or Fertitta center contribution, the price per ticket is not $10. The point I was trying to make is don’t scalp on this sight to other Coogfans. If someone wants to attempt to scalp tickets go post them on Stubhub…


Yep… Unless you can’t go and give them away, no one will be interested my dude.

I would say, giveaways, sale at ticket price or giving away but with the person receiving making a CP donation should be acceptable here. Anything else, buy an ad.

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But I catch your drift. Either give them away to a Coog that will cheer on the team or sell them for a bit under face value.

Besides other comments above, you’re not including a lot of info such as what games good luck selling your tix

Woof. Sorry, I made sure to offer them far cheaper than even the cheapest Stubhub price. Didn’t realize it would cause such an issue. Mods, please delete.

Do y’all really care that much? If someone wants to buy the tickets, let them buy the dang tickets.

Stubhub fees apply to the buyer as well.

We don’t need 100 posts for them, but if it’s well organized into a single post I see no real issue.


My son bought two in 105. Total price $132.00 last night. So there you go…

Trying to make a profit for tickets makes you loser in my book.

Watchout guys… Karma Police out in full force today. :rotating_light:

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To be clear, I have season tickets and I’ve attended all but two home games this season. I didn’t buy these tickets to scalp them. I’ve offered the tickets to close friends and family, none of whom can attend. I thought about listing them on Stubhub but thought I would offer them here at a lower price than I can get on the resale market. At the time I made my post (which I quickly edited to include OBO), the lowest price for any ticket on Stubhub was $59 apiece. With fees (10%) and parking ($10), that comes out to $140. So I thought, “Let me see if anyone on Coogfans would like to purchase them at a discount.”

I don’t understand the thinking on me having to offer these at “face value,” which is far lower than their actual worth. My season tickets cost much more than the face value reflected on the ticket, and the current market value of the UCF tickets is 40% higher than what I offered. While I’m perfectly happy to give them to close friends or family, I’m not sure why I should be expected to give them away (for free or for $10, as someone else suggested) to some stranger on the internet. I thought I would be doing someone on the board a favor in offering them at a heavy discount from the market price. I didn’t realize I would be vilified and called names in doing so. I won’t make that mistake again.

Again, apologies for the controversy.


Wasn’t 117 the “young alumni” section that was only $125 a seat including Cougar Pride?

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