Semi-OT: #1 overall recruit Arch Manning commits to Texas

We gotta make sure our defense is ready in 2023 and 2024. Big 12 is a massive step up in competition.

Whether we face the horns in the regular season or conference championship, we gotta be ready.

I hope we get to see him play at our place so we can give him the Baker Mayfield/Lamar Jackson treatment before the horns hoof it to the SEC.


Sounds like Quinn Ewers coming soon to a transfer portal near you :joy:


Quinn Ewers used up his free transfer. Too funny.


How much wa$ he offered?


Arch needs no money promises. He knows he’ll get deals no matter where he goes.

Didn’t he redshirt?

Oh Lord. This is going to be a brutal 5 years of longhorn hype.

Lots of sour grapes out there on Twitter. He may be a bust. Nobody knows yet. Yeah, wish we were getting him, but that wasn’t gonna happen in this time-space continuum.

Watch Twitter and some other sites. Gonna be entertaining.

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He’ll make a great color guy in the broadcast booth.

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When i think Mannings i think Cooper?


The emerging UT/aTm NIL nightmare continues.

Nick Saban and the SEC will NOT like it!


Texas is finally back! Ha


Overrated. Kid is already 18 still in High School. He’s skipping the Elite 11 camp as well. He also plays weak competition in Nawlins.


He probably will be awarded 1-2 stars extra just for his name. He will be the first 6 or 7 star recruit ever.


Meh. He’ll win another title this year and retires within a year or two afterwards. I think he spoke about it because he hates it and doesn’t like it having his choice from every 5 star he wants. He also knows he probably won’t be around when the playing field becomes more evenly spread out and the playoffs get expanded in 5 years!

Almost everybody is 18 in high school at some point.


The last time I saw the name “Arch” it was on the head of the key grave in the “The Good the Bad and the Ugly” … and as I recall the grave was all bones and no gold/paydirt …

There has been A LOT of hype for this relative of the Manning brothers but interesting that he has never won a state title yet … his HS must pretty pathetic or he must be the only show in that no name town in La.

Will he turn out to be all bones or gold … at DKR … we will know in one year …

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Arch has literally 1 other D1 recruit on his team (his tight end who is also committed to UT) one of the other Manning kids is the starting center and he still took the team to the State Semifinals.

If Arch was on Lafayette Christian, Evangel, St. Augustine or John Curtis, he’d be a 2 or 3 time champion right now.

We need the OL and DL to transition to the B12. We’ve always performed pretty well at skilled positions.

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