Shorter Games In The Future?

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Please! Knock off 45 minutes


I am tired of people trying to make games shorter. I wait all year for football season and enjoy every minute of it. 20 minute quarters would be better than trying to eliminate plays.


I don’t know, how about reducing the length of commercial timeouts?

Oh, wait, can’t kill the golden goose…


I’m all for it. They usually only give 3 hr slots for TV . Lot of gms are consistently going 3.5 hrs or longer.

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I play a lot of NCAA FOOTBALL 11 on the PS3 we play 5 minute quarters works well.


15 mins of actual football, 45 minutes of refs reviewing targeting calls.


I like longer games with more plays. I loved the 4 hour games when we ran the R&S. Trying to eliminate plays is just another example of shrinkflation! Less football for more money, we need to stop this assault on tradition!


We will disagree on that part then.
2:50–3:10 for College gm should be plenty.

I guess we will. It’s just like some people like a one scoop ice cream cone, I’m a 2 scoop guy.

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I don’t like the idea of changing the first down clock rules so that they’re different in the last two minutes. If they wanna keep the clock running after a first down, that’s fine, but I strongly believe that the rules of the game should be the same all game. I’m fine with the other changes, though. Multiple-icing the kicker, in particular, is stupid and I’m glad to see it go. Couldn’t care less about extending the first and third quarters either way – how often does that even happen?

I like 2 scoops as well. :grin:.
But i Don’t like 4 Hour games. Way tooo long … come on Mike :smiley:

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Missed this in my first read-through:

One other potential rule change that has been discussed but hasn’t gained overwhelming support is restarting the game clock after an incomplete pass when the ball is ready for play. Currently, the clock stops on an incomplete pass – and that would continue – but it would restart when the ball is set down and the official steps away.

Hate that. It’s XFL stuff.


Let me rephrase that. I love longer games with more plays as long as we are stomping a mudhole in the other team – particularly if its a hated rival. It’s like I wish we had more time to pour it on UT more when we put 60+ on them.

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I agree, that XFL stuff is not real football, IMHO.

One rule change I long for is that college football would adopt NFL rules for challenges. A coach gets two challenges per game, period. Touchdowns are automatically reviewed. Otherwise, the game keeps rolling. We don’t need to review every six-yard diving catch on a first-and-ten. Save the reviews for moments that really impact the game.

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Yeah, if they’re that desperate to shorten the game, might as well just go whole hog with it and just have a running clock, soccer style. Add time for defensive penalties or whatever. Everybody gets in and out in 3 hours most of the time.

I hate that that’s where this is probably going.

Id rather pay premium for sports games… oh wait (espn+)

Yes, because of TV !!

Limit the number of plays? It’s only a matter of time before there’s a proposal to only allow a defined number of plays to either score or turn the ball over.


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