Signing day?

Is today the early signing period? Or when is it?

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I don’t anticipate any surprises on Wednesday, unless Lagway flips, in which case, this board would melt to the ground and resurrect itself as HornFans.


OK, but even putting “surprises” aside, are there other prospects out there who are “rumored” to be signing with UH?

See my separate string on that topic.

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This made me laugh out loud

He is not flipping definitely signing with Florida


I think Willie has built that relationship so that if Florida struggles and fires their coach he may want to transfer back home.


Yes that is a possibility but he signs with Florida tomorrow unfortunately

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Fritz got off to a late start so he gets a pass this year. Hopefully we have some of these guys surprise and become a Marcus Jones or Tank Dell.
I expect recruiting to vastly improve starting next year.


Regardless of how many sign Wednesday, we will still have until the February signing period for HS kids. I think transfer guys can sign anytime after that, but I am not sure about that. If anyone can clarify what the deal is with transfers, please do.

"The early signing day has become an established part of the college football calendar and takes place in December and is open for 72 hours. In 2023, the early signing period is open starting on Wednesday, Dec. 20. 2023 , at 7 a.m. local time, and ends on Friday, Dec. 22. 2023. At 11:59 p.m. local time.

The spring signing period doesn’t end until April, although few players hold out beyond signing day.

Transfers can happen at any point but players can only enter the portal in the December and April portal windows.


I wouldn’t be banking on that. Personally I’m only interested in the kids who want to here. But I’m not banking on a kid who may or may not transfer in a few years

Why wait until next year? It looks like Fritz is doing something THIS year!


I didn’t say it wasn’t. He did this on short notice.
What I am saying is wait until next year’s class because I think it will get a lot better

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Hopefully, Fritz will have time to say hello to local HS coaches and remind them relationships with them are VERY important to UH.

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I definitely think he is off to a great start! I am amazed at the group he bringing in already.

I am not surprised at all. This guy is a keeper.

I knew good things were coming but I didn’t expect it this fast.

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