Sleepers for 2021-2022 Season!

These are my top sleeper for this upcoming season, guys I think maybe going under the radar in terms of how well they will impact the teams.

Deontay Anderson: Moving from safety to linebacker will be the best thing for him. A lot like Grant did last year, it will be a lot easier when it comes to understanding your assignment. He will be one of the most athletic LBs in the conference. He’s a great tackler, and will have coverage skills obviously from playing saftey, I think he will challenge mutin for lead tackler on the team. Will have a huge jump in production just like Stuart did.

Jeremy Singleton : Singleton is a guy we have been waiting on to break out. A lot of people thought it would be last year, but he got hit hard by Covid and injuries. I think this is the year he finally breaks out. He is a very smooth route runnner, with nice speed, and jumping ability. He has had some problems with drop passes last year, but he has made some really good catches in practice and spring game. Tune threw to him a lot in the spring so they clearly have a good connection. He’s going to be 4 years removed from high school, and with Stevenson gone this is his shot to take over. He is working really hard with one of the best trainers in Houston. I think he poised for a break out here

D’Anthony Jones : Jones is one of if not our best pass rusher. He’s is not getting a lot of attention or any preseason honors but I promise you guys he’s amazing getting to the QB. He’s one of the fastest guys off ball that I have seen in a while at UH. If he was 6’4 he’d be on AAC 1st team preseason honors. As long as he stays healthy I think he’s going to be an absolute beast on the field. We have so many great edge guys so his numbers might not be that high, but his impact when he’s on the field will really show, I can’t wait to see him.

Last but not least……

Dana Holgerson : Dana is my sleeper of the year! I know a lot of you guys hate on him or have your doubts(understandably so), but I think this is the year Dana turns everything around. In his 8 years in the big 12 Dana finished with a .600 win %, 3 ranked teams, 7 out of 8 teams were ranked at some point in the season, and 2 bowl wins. Dana has a good history as a head coach in a harder conference. He knows what it takes to be a good football team, he is ready to pull his weight and win some games. He has upgraded the talent here all around over the last 2 years and is ready to get back on top of the AAC. I fully believe Dana will turn things around and will have us back at the top of the AAC and will be our HC for years to come.

Let’s me know what sleepers you have for this upcoming season! Let’s go win some games!


The whole team has been sleeping the last couple of years. Not sure the team or the coach can get out of their zzzzzs.


This isn’t supposed to be a negative post, it’s supposed to be positive and encouraging one. We have plenty of those, if u have a negative or doubtful comment about a player or coach, please pick one of the other 100 threads they started.


Also I would have out Derrick Parish but apparently he isn’t slept on anymore, getting All AAC preseason Honors

Some see the glass as half full, some see it as half empty . . . . . some on here don’t even have a glass . . . . .


…and some of their posts seem half-glassed!


I’m like we get it man ,:joy::joy: we have to play better, but we can’t just have a fun positive discussion on the football side for once? I just wanted to have a nice tread for once that’s encouraging for players and coaches. But I guess the positive threads don’t get much clout and nobody has any sleeper predictions. If I made a tread called “why everything involved with UH football sucks” the tread would have 1000 messages by now lol.


I thought this post was about many of our so called fans !


I’ll play. I think either Mulbah Car or T Henry is going to have a big year at running back. Maybe both!

On defense, I think Donavan Mutin stays healthy and ends up being all-AAC.

And yes, I think Clayton Tune will be more like the BYU game last year, and less like the New Mexico Bowl.


Good post, Kmoney. We are going to have a real successful year in 2021. I honestly think we have some people who post on here who dont WANT us to win, or be successful, because those things would make their endless whining diatribes pointless and stupid…and whining diatribes is what they LIVE for…
After we win 9 or 10 games next year, i propose all the whiners drift over to the Rice FB message board., and jump in with "Whats wrong with the OWLS??? WHY cant we WIN??? Why did we lose by 50 to UH? We need to fire our coach RIGHT NOW!! "


those are all good choices…

i like anderson, i think he wants make an nfl statement…singleton got the most tds in the last scrimmage by a margin… its guaranteed a WR has a breakout year, the question is just about which one
id add David Anenih on the dline he’s already been extremely productive the last few years but hasnt really gotten recognition i think he becomes a “star” next year

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Ok lets play! Offensively i will take Tune being All Conference along with Mulbah Car.

Defensively I cant pick, i just think the whole defense is gonna be dramatically improved.

Undefeated Conference Champs - GO COOGS


It would be great to have an OL sleeper.

Will we have one?

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Car was supposed to be a beast last year, and again Covid and injuries hit him hard. He and henry should be a good 1, 2 punch. Our o line is a lot better at run blocking so I hope we ground and pound more and take care of the football

David is very talented. Just so tough with how many great D line players we have. But he’s one of the oldest on the D line so he should have a great season

If we do it will probably be Patrick Paul or Jack Freeman. We only had 1 lineman on AAC preseason honors(Kody). Patrick Paul and Jack Freeman were both thrown into the fire as freshman. They have both played and started a lot over the last 2 years, Paul is very talented, missed a lot of last year with a knee injury but will be back in starting lineup. Freeman has started 13 of the 15 games he has played in. I really think this will be by far the best o line we have had the last 3 years.

Not sure if the new Center would be considered a “sleeper,” given that he has already been a 1st team all conference player at the Division I-FBS level, but I do predict that, barring injuries, he’ll be a star performer at a position where we were likely not as strong last season!


Every time I see Car run he looks like a beast on the field to me. His carries over the years have been few and far between for whatever reason (injuries, stamina, coaches choice, etc…). Maybe he is best used as a change of pace ‘shock you’ back later in games when his size/speed combination goes against a tired defense, but I hope he can stay healthy and get at least 100 carries and 500 yards rushing this year.

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From the younger players I’m expecting breakout years from Chidozie Nwanko and Patrick Paul. I feel Texas Tech transfer running back T. Henry will be an impact player as well.
And special teams could be strength of the team.

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