So Who Is Our Starting RB vs. UTSA?

Since our second-year runner is out…more than likely, who is going to step up and fill-in. Big shoes to fill of course!

Campbell……but it will be a rotation….don’t think it matters who starts.

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Ta’zhawn Henry as of right now but Fall Camp will give Campbell and Walker a chance to become TB1


Campbell and Sneed sharing carries with Henry being our 3 down scatback. Walker has a chance to be our goal line back. Pretty much by committee. Given that the O Line will be upgraded in talent & depth, I think our running game will continue to flourish.

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Thanks what’s the story on Campbell… certainly not Earl, not familiar with him. And Walker as well.

Henry and Campbell are our lead guys as of now. We will see if Sneed and Walker can get some run in there. I have faith in Campbell and Henry to get the job done. Henry has shown hes more than a 3rd down back, he was very efficient in the goal line last year. Excited to see what Campbell can bring to the table. Sneed was highly sought after out of HS so he could definitely be in the rotation


Cambell is not the lead guy as of now. Might turn into a great player but he has yet to have a single workout with our staff.
Right now it is Henry then Snead.

I’m afraid Henry won’t be heavy enough to carry the load on the front side. I think he does better as the off tempo back…quick and shifty vs ground and pound.

I’m really hoping Campbell comes in and takes charge. But you’re right. By default its probably Henry because he understands our tempo and playbook. And Dana likes his style. Dana refers to small guys a lot as “try hard guys.” Never heard him say that about Henry. Henry is a proven commodity.


You may be up to something, Milluns! He’s only listed on ESPN at 5’7 170. Unless he bulks up to withstand more of the pounding, than it’s possible. Let’s hope he doesn’t lose some of the quickness & elusiveness that makes him special.

Henry returned a few kickoffs didnt he? Without jones is that who returns kicks/punts?

Maybe Dell?

Hopefully one of the new receivers or cb’s have a propensity.

What exactly is Funk “ up to”?

I don’t get it.

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Watch Stacy Sneed. He’s really come on.


I believe McCaskill will be back sooner than many think.


I hope so :pray:. Youth is on his side to recover quicker just like Fabian White was able to in the basketball side.

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No way Dell returns kicks.

With that small body and he is too important in the pass game.


Well he returned kicks 13 times last year which is why I said it was a possibility.

He was pretty important in the pass game last year wasn’t he?
Still had the same small body?

And we have a much deeper receiver’s room this year don’t we?

So as I said, it’s possible.

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I didn’t say we were smart last year ! :sunglasses:

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It will be a Committee. Nobody will have to “carry”. That’s how the RB rooms are these days. There will be a lot of rotation between Campbell, Henry, and prob sneed. I know henry is small is height but don’t forget he had 7 TDs this year. Most of which were inside the 10 yard line, he has a nose for the end zone.

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