Sobering Realities About Recruiting

Looking from the 2015 class to the 2019 class from Rivals and Scout, here are our average rankings:

Rivals average. 76

Scout average. 71

Say what you want but that’s FCS level recruiting.


No it’s not FCS level recruiting; but it’s also not P5 level recruiting, rather decent G5 level recruiting.


That’s Scouts analysis. We take those under the radar players and develop them.

A more accurate picture would be…how many NFL level talent have we developed over that period compared to UT Austin with the highly touted Scout classes


You might check out the rankings by year and see the teams that ranked near us before making that assessment.

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We also don’t ever sign 25 players in a class. Transfers take up a lot of spots. Looking at just class ranking is one of the laziest things you can do. Doesn’t come anywhere close to telling the whole story.

For instance, Patrick Carr, Gio Pancotti, Kyle Porter, Justin Murphy, Isaiah Chambers, Deontae Anderson, and the list could go on are not included in those rankings. Those guys will all be key parts of our team this season.


It’s Scout and Rivals and it can be argued that the there is a correlation between these rankings and final season outcomes for these teams in subsequent years.

Then why do we take so many transfers?

So we should attribute lack of desired success solely on poor coaching or anything other than recruiting?

Where did Levine’s classes rank? You know, guys that beat OU, FSU, Louisville, etc?

Just based on rankings, we’ve had the most talented teams on campus the past couple of years than we have in the last 30. What did Applewhite do with them? We had top 250 players all over the field. We also had Ed Oliver. How did those teams perform?


2011 - 73 (Scumlin’s last class) he took the job.
2012 - 56 after 1st year
2013 - 57 after 2nd year
2014 - 75 he got fired after this 3rd year

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Recruited well enough, but didn’t develop the talent.

And he signed 25 guys consistently. Based on average star rating, Applewhite’s classes were better than Levine’s. Yet, Herman took Levine’s classes and won a Peach Bowl and compiled like a 22-4 record or something crazy. Applewhite took Herman’s 2016 class and did squat. Don’t know why you guys are making it bigger than it is. It all starts with the head coach. Our recruiting has been better than it was when we won the Peach Bowl. All of a sudden, Recruiting is an issue. It wasn’t when Herman was taking Levine’s class and beating up on FSU, OU, and Louisville.


FCS recruiting would be 120+. Averaging in the 70s is above average G5.


Levine’s first class was 2012. He did a great job of keeping the class together and landing a few additional guys like Greenbury.

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I agree. And that is why he is no longer here.

70 would likely have us top 7 in the g5…55 would have you #1 in the g5 most years…your point is missed


You are correct. My bad. I thought all the Sun Belt teams ranked around us year after year were FCS.

I just looked through the 247 rankings and don’t see Sun Belt schools all around any of those classes except for 2015.

So what ranking range would be considered successful based on program objectives, recruiting needs and any other relevant metrics?

Hypothetically, at what point should a recruiting ranking be at a point where a knowledgeable person would grow some concern? Full class. What is that 20-25? I don’t really know but where is the midpoint of acceptable range? If we sign 23 student athletes and the services rank the class 100, is this a cause for concern?