Lost by two touchdowns to Nebraska and Virginia today. Needed extra innings to beat South Dakota State yesterday.

We are so not ready for Big 12 in so many sports.


Pitching is still our problem, but it is early… Why can’t we recruit any top flight pitcher?

Same for baseball. We have given very little attention to sports not named basketball and football


SDSU is a top notch program…

They’ve made the NCAA out of the Summit League just twice since 2010. And they’ve never advanced. They did have gaudy records the last two years playing cold weather teams.

The women’s team was pretty good a few years back….has there been a coaching change? Or has it just circled the bowl like baseball with the same staff?

Not sure what happened last season but it was by far the worst season since Vesely took over in 2016. The move will definitely help pull in more talented players and I don’t see why we can’t be top 3 in conference every year. Oklahoma State will be top dawg when OU and UT leave.

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Yep like yesterday when we attended a regional battle with ULLA. Of course we lost even with our stud pitcher at the time.
Downfall is like baseball, unable to sway good pitchers to come here

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Was ULALA the team that had the assistant that looked like she was smuggling a couple zeppelins around in her shirt? I believe she was married to the head coach.

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Softball is ALL about the pitching. There are very few really good ones. They (I think) only give SB scholarships to pitchers.

Did we play a regional in Austin that we started out 2-0 and UT beat us twice to advance to Supers? They pitched the same girl back to back?
Or did I dream that?

Looks like I was thinking of the 2011 regional in Austin where we beat UT and ULALA twice to advance. I was still living in Austin at the time so I went. We lost to Oklahoma State in the super when our ace got hurt and wasn’t available for G3 and we lost 6-5.

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Looks like we lost the regional in Austin in ‘19 after starting out 2-0. UT lost their first game before winning four in a row.

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6-3 loss to a very good Washington squad. Now we will pick up a win over a northern HBCU in the night cap.

Suburban driven sport so attracting that ace pitcher to the city from this area is a hard sell but they’ll run to a small college outpost overnight

Uh should recruit from other states where houston is a draw consistently

Our talent pool offers nothing inside the beltway - if we had good softball or baseball consistently on those areas those kids would visit more, etc.

Softball pitchers are more like football quarterbacks. All you need is one really good one.
In 2008, Angel Shamblin accounted for 261.2 of 415.1 innings pitched. Barbie Love’s 72.1 was second most.


I was a senior that year. We had great pitching but one of our best pitchers went down with finger blisters and were not able to play in the tournament. We had Outons who where twin sisters who were good. One was a pitcher but the other was an All-American catcher who had a cannon of an arm that put some baseball catchers to shame. She was also a outstanding hitter who hit like 30+ home runs that year. Ive never seen a catcher in baseball or softball throw across two second base and gun down a baserunner taking to big of a lead. If one of the top pitchers didnt go down in the tournament we probably would made it to World Series.

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Swept by Illinois and Pitt today.

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Softball, Women’s basketball and baseball all need a change or they will be the dregs of the Big-12.

No excuses.


Even with a change it will take a few years to pull ourselves up out of the mess we are going to be in, what a shame