Sources: Pac-12, Big Ten, ACC talking alliance

Just a bunch of whistling in the wind … or as I have stated … a sports writer sees a gust of wind blow by and is reporting a tropical storm is forming …

“I’ve been in frequent and regular contact with all of the other A5 commissioners the last few weeks about the four or five complex issues that are facing our industry,” Kliavkoff told ESPN on Friday night. “Anything beyond that is just speculation, and I can’t comment on it.”

The commishes don’t schedule the ADs do … the Pac12 and B1G already have a difficult time scheduling games and now they want to throw in the ACC to the mix … FAGETBOUIT!!! …

I don’t honestly have any idea what this would even look like.

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PAWRFUL Dave I try to scrutinize my articles before putting anything up. Rittenberg and The Atlantic reported . I don’t want to put fluff on the site. Of course I would be remiss not to consider your opinion. You’re a pretty responsible source in your own right.

Sorry I said The Atlantic when I meant The Athletic

I previously said none of this is good for us. However, a splintered p4 based on alliances could work in our (AAC) and the Irate 8’s favor.

What the ADs of both conferences need to understand is they have to find a way to schedule games against the establishment p4s at all costs. Once that link is broken it will be hard to keep relationships.

Pez should work day and night scheduling p4’s and B12 OOC. One for relationships, the other to establish dominance.