Southwest Conference

IF we finish this move of adding 4-6 new western schools we would be way over the 12 in the Big 12 name.

This might force the conference to change their name- is the Southwest Conference legally avaliable as an option?


I don’t want anything to do with that conference name. It’s tarnished with scandal and the only school to receive the death penalty.


I have thought of this myself. Keeping a number in the conference name that doesn’t match how many teams there are has always seemed dumb to me.

I think they registered big 18 also, or could if needed

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I’ve seen in tweets that they have Big 14/16/18/20, etc trademarked.

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Big 12 has the names Big 14, Big 16 and I think Big 18 trademarked.

Y’all really need to move on from the past. The Southwest Conference is not coming back

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West to South Conference

I think they have Big 14, 16, 18 trademarked

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Every 5 star recruits receives a free TransAm if they join the SWC.


Do you really think it was any different at bama, auburn, USC, Miami etc…
Of course it was not.
Some of you think that only a couple of Schools got caught. ALL schools were doing it.
Don’t you remember auburn the Cam Newton HIGHEST bidder?
Some got caught.
Some got caught and got a slap on the wrist.
Some got caught and never got suspended.
Some got caught and the ncaa looked the other way.
One school in particular got caught because another school conspired with the ncaa to get that school a near death penalty.
What two schools am I writing about?


At least it would be legal-ish now, so there’s that. :man_shrugging:

Ah the SouthWorst conference… has a nice ring to it…

I know all of this. I know that a bunch of mystery guests with deep pockets showed up at Cam’s father’s church and made massive anonymous donations in the offering plates.

The fact remains the SWC came out looking like the worst of the bunch in the 80s and early 90s and it is remembered more for that than anything else. Besides, you only have 4 out of 12 (possibly 18) members that were ever associated with that conference.

Well dangit, why didn’t I think of having a blue-chip quarterback son? We coulda built that new building years ago! :wink:


Big 16 works for me.
Big 18 sounds weird to me for some reason but given “Big Eight” legacy I can roll with it.
Big 20 seems like something Big Ten may do.

Big 22 or Big 24 (or more) I’d more favor a rename.

Big National Conference is bland, which seems to be all the rage these days.

If we didn’t have the three eastern teams, I’d use an SWC name I came up for something else: SuperWest Conference.

If we merged with the Pac-12, I’d favor Pan-American Conference (PAC)

Names I worked up before the AAC got its name:
United Athletic Conference (“UAC”)-- Athletic in the name probably not a good idea at this point
United Intercollegiate Conference (“UIC”) - Was never excited about this one.
Big America Conference (“Big A”) – the AAC’s name kind of steps on this one too
The Metro Conference (“TMC”) – doesn’t apply here
Skyline Conference (“Skyline” or “TSC”) – The history of the name is out west, but the rationale involved urban schools. A lot of schools neither mountain nor urban
Trans-Continental Conference (“TCC”) - “Trans” increasingly has a specific connotation.

That’s why the NCAA needs to die with it’s corrupt arse. Selectable enforcement. UT doing the same thing as SMU, but got away with it, because they had people on the committee.


I like the name B12-PAC, but if ain’t a merger I don’t think we would ever go with that. Big 18 is the way to go.

I don’t care what they call themselves as long as their checks are good.


I care more than I probably should. We’ve spent the last ten years in a conference I liked okay but with a name I hated.

That ain’t nothing in todays NIL world