Spring Practice 2024

Hate to keep beating a dead horse actually I don’t :joy:CDH was a fraud masquerading as a head coach. Many fans knew and saw it, why our admins couldn’t see it soon enough?


Turn the page. He’s Nebraska’s problem now. I don’t expect CDH to be at Nebraska more one season.

Maybe they were all drinking buddies?

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I really hope the dead halves that plagued us under the prior regime are a thing of the past now.

Don’t get me wrong, I love that Fritzy is here and I think we will see results sooner rather than later….

….but isn’t it crazy that a normal, competent staff overseeing a normal spring practice is seen as some sort of earth shattering new concept.

Really does highlight just how pathetic Dana and his staff were.


On the bright side.

DH still had his mojo for WRs and blocking HBack/TE types
Guessing LB a few other position groups get huge Spring portal retrofits

Lots of weapons for HC Fritz/ staff. An actual offensive plan without head scratching idiocy should help get it right


He seems like a young man of character. I think he will do well with us .
Go Coogs !


This 1000%!!! I have said this 100x offline :rofl:.

Just the other day I saw a practice video and we ran a play action delayed cross and I dang near lost it. I was so happy :joy::joy:, I’m like this is sad man, we really did hit rock bottom. We just accepted poverty to a point where the bare minimum looked like gold.


Well you know, some just cannot coach that shid…


DH offense plan run up the middle, run up the middle and then pass.

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But don’t focus on the run blocking…

I feel like DH was all ready to pounce on defenses with his advanced passing schemes just as soon as he could get them to start respecting our run game…

to be more specific… pass 5 yards behind the LOS on a WR screen that works maybe once a game.


I just got an email reminder about the Spring Game. Anyone know if players will be signing autographs or if there will be some player-fan interaction? It’s been a while since I walked near the track area, I am assuming it is just bleacher seating?