Stadium WiFi OK

WiFi not bad & also getting 4 bars Verizon which is better than usual for me

Let’s see if it holds

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Can’t connect to it

Probably varies by where you’re at in the stadium – I’m in 112 – Home Side West 25-yard line

There is a game on. Get your heads out of the electronics. Millennials!

this new tower probably helped


Definite improvement

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What wifi? I haven’t been able to connect all season in 309.


I want to say that I STILL hate where they put the IPF. Why create an architecturally interesting stadium with a cut out view of the city only to block it with a metal building? Stupid


I sit in 307 and the WiFi doesn’t even show on available networks on my phone


I get service inside the stadium but my buddy and his dad can’t. He couldn’t connect to it last night.

I could locate the network but not connect. Same as always.


Section 128
Located the wifi briefly, couldn’t connect, and then the network disappeared, never to reemerge

It was great in 125. Watch almost the whole Redskins game.

@looking4cougars – do y’all sit next to each other?

I couldn’t connect to it in 228.

We do. I have T-mobile and I think he has att&t or Verizon. Section 231

I had a great wifi signal in 131 in the first half, but both the wifi signal and the Verizon signal went poof in the second half.

I thought the new tower was to jam the signal because it was worse last night than it’s ever been. I can live without WiFi although checking other scores would be nice. I really do wish the school would get with providers like ATT to get data connections working.

I used to really enjoy ‘talking’ about the game with my OOT town Coog friends and family. Not critical but it added to my game fun.

If I still had young kids at home or at a sitter or had a job where contact was important I’d be more concerned.

AT & T has pitiful service when it is good, otherwise, useless . . . . .

T-Mobile works great in the stadium. Sat on both sides of the stadium last night and had no issues at all.

Had Verizon last season and it was horrible.