Taiwans next


Hate to say it but ji ping is watching closely…

I don’t think so… Completely different ballgame… And Taiwan is ready to fight. They make all of their males join the service or buy their way out.

Plus we have an actual defense pact with Taiwan. Along with Japan and Australia.

Taiwan is ready to fight, but so was Ukraine. China could crush them and, since they see the US as weak since Biden took the presidency and saw what happened in Afghanistan, they aren’t worried about anything from the US.

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We no longer have a mutual defense treaty with Taiwan.

In fact, we don’t even formally recognize them.

Formally, the USA only recognizes ONE China: the PRC, and has its official Chinese Embassy in Beijing with formal diplomatic relations.

We have informal relations with Taiwan, and an unofficial embassy of sorts in Taipei.

That said, yes, they are ready to fight with lots of US weapons, and the US fleet regularly patrolling in those straits.

The USA only has five treaty allies in the Indo-Pacific: Japan, South Korea, Thailand, the Philippines, and Australia.

A treaty ally is defined as a country with which the United States has a mutual defense agreement.

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Not Taiwan and Biden is Predident

No, they don’t. You’re watching too much Fox or OANN. Biden’s done a masterful job of uniting NATO, which is working closely together to thwart Russia’s invasion through economic and other measures.


Ukraine has nowhere near the military capability of Taiwan.

NATO’s always been united…CNN didn’t ever tell you this but…Trump just insisted the other partners pay their fair share and they are now…Trump playing hard ball as opposed to soft ball…God help us!

No they don’t? Don’t what? Russia’s invasion is full on and they have already taken several key areas. Biden has not done a masterful job of anything. His weak policies have brought this into play in the first place. He was told a year ago about this happening and he disregarded it. He shut down our Keystone pipeline, but approved Russia’s. Biden is a bad president and has brought the world into a much more unstable place.

We were an exporter of oil and were energy independent. Now we import about 12 million barrels of oil from Russia every month. This is what your wonderful Biden has done to the American economy.

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What Mike says is correct.

We may not be formal NATO allies butwe have agreements to protect Taiwan.

Keystone was the goose laying golden eggs



There is no formal agreement in place to protect Taiwan, but as a practical matter, we likely would.

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Not according to Congress… Resolution to help maintain PEACE, STABILITY…


They don’t see the U.S. as weak. And the American economy is seeing unprecedented growth. Inflation is largely caused because of that, but it isn’t to the point where it offsets the economic gains that have been made. You should watch something other than Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity.


You should stop watching the view…I’m starting to think you just might be Whoopie

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The Taiwan relations act only affords INFORMAL recognition to Taiwan.

It is neither a formal recognition, nor is it a mutual defense treaty.

As I said…and I say this as a guy that was stationed for three years at the US Army Pacific HQ, we only have formal mutual defense treaties with FIVE Indo-Pacific nations (Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Philippines, and Australia).

Taiwan is NOT one of those countries.

Remembered a speech where Xi said he’d attack Japan with nuclear weapons if they got involved. Hyperobole?