Tank Dell

Finishes the season with 1,329 receiving yards. That places him 5th of all time on season receiving yards in school history.

Single season|Rank|Player|Yards|Year|
| — | — | — | — |
|1|Patrick Edwards|1,752|2011|
|2|Manny Hazard|1,689|1989|
|3|Donnie Avery|1,456|2007|
|4|Jason Phillips|1,444|1988|
|5|Nathaniel Dell|1,329|2021|
|6|Elmo Wright|1,275|1969|
|7|Marcus Grant|1,262|1991|
|8|Brandon Middleton|1,250|2003|
|9|Justin Johnson|1,229|2011|
|10|Demarcus Ayers|1,222[19]|2015|


1 more year like this and he will be off to the NFL. Probably as a high pick.

Needs to fix the drops.


Won’t his size keep him from going early, if drafted at all…?


Yep. Almost every single guy on that list played on Sundays.


Possibly but with the innovation of the slot receiver in today’s game, it may not be as big of a drawback. That said, he definitely would have to put on some weight at the next level

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Great list of receivers to be included. Occasional drops but he is elite and we should have a deeper unit next season.
He will be playing on Sundays

Dell reminds me of Desean Jackson!

Great Game Dell!

Go Coogs!


Tank is tough as nails, fast and never quits… But when I look at his weight I just think how does he take all of those hits…

Not just fast but quick… Yeah… He’s a Coog legend for sure!


Only one player in the top 5 had signifying time in the nfl. And he was also the only one to be a starter.

Dell tips better

Could be wrong but I think Dell’s the only guy on that list to not be officially classified as an upperclassmen

That may be but almost every one of them stepped foot into an NFL facility and received an NFL paycheck

I mean technically you don’t have to even be a player to meet those requirements.

Good lord…


Is your name Karen Wolf?


He’ll probably need to bulk up 10-15 pounds but he’s definitely a pro caliber receiver.

needs to hit a growth spurt asap

A growth spurt? He’s 5’10”. There’s plenty of receivers that have made an impact that are shorter than he is.

TY Hilton is pretty short ain’t he?

Just saying, that’s a pretty low bar to set for our guys.

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