TDECU Experience

Where was that?

I went to the one on the concourse behind 125, I think there are others

I got ice in my drink in the second half at the Hugo’s line. Good start to the season. They will get better.

Ticket scanner was able to scan two of my three tickets…but we’re blaming my very cracked phone on that… :grin:

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About $50.00 repair @ Batteries r us . . . . .

There was one behind section 132. You could grab canned beers, bottled cokes and waters…some snacks (I didn’t pay much attention to that)…easy pay out with bulk digital scanners.

I know…too lazy, cheap, or something. About time to get a new phone anyways…We’ll see.

No issues with anything major. Took the Train, easy entrance into stadium. No concession issues. easy getting out of stadium. Train was packed on the way home!
WiFi was still an issue.
I wish they did more of it being our first game as Big XII Members. Maybe they’re saving it for the TCU game?
No Pyrotechnics as the team came out of the tunnels. Not sure if there was a failure or a decision not too, the boxes were there.
I would love to bring the “HOUSTON” “COUGARS” chant back before the game.

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No Miller Lite.


Burn ban ? ? ? ? ?


Possibly. Good Point. We did talk about that in the stands. We noticed there were no fireworks after the first TD (I don’t think) but there were after the 2nd TD.

Wifi sucked.

The Dippin Dots stand behind 131 was out by halftime.

There were definitely fireworks after the first TD.

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We love the walk-thru at the Dynamo stadium when we go to games there, so I’m glad we have them in TDECU this year.

Walked in, got my water, got my chips, got my beer, and was paid and out in no time.


SMU has pyrotechnics in terms of shooting fire for players to run through. They also show them entering from the lighted tunnel.

With all these great suggestions, I expect it will be an incredible game experience for Big 12 play.

I also hope I can now.get Baylor tickets for under $100.

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Well if they want fan participation with stuff like light shows …then they better triple the Wi-Fi capacity


Or just tell people to turn on their flashlights and move their phones around, since that was pretty much the whole “light show” on Saturday. :laughing:


After all the press about having double the kiosks and vendors walk the stands selling beer, I never even saw a single person anywhere near 311. I thought I saw one in the endzone, but cant confirm. I guess that was just for the lower levels as well.

They want 3,000$ for a second parking pass, but cant get beer to the upper levels. Zero reason to leave your tailgate early.


I thought there was supposed to be a bunch of new hawkers walking around selling beer and stuff. Saw a few on lower concourse area, but that’s it. Did they not make it to the 300 sections or go up into the stands? Maybe I just didn’t notice them, but I could’ve definitely used one while I was sitting up there


There was nothing in or around 311.