Tech Players $25,000?

I saw a brief article about how the Texas Teach Matador Club (Alumni Group) are offering $25,000 to recruit players? WTF!!!

They will get unhappy players. You want players that want to play for the coach and the school and not for just $

Come on Coogs… we can’t let Tech outdo us


As soon as the B1G & the SEC teams get ~$100 million/year for their media rights, you can bet that all of their players will be receiving compensation in the range of $150,000 - $250,000 per year (or more).

Depends on what their new college football players union negotiates for them. Let’s say for example that the union seeks 30% of their FB broadcast media rights - that would equate to say ~$30 million divided up among ~100 players would be ~$300,000 per year (for each player). That’s what’s coming!


It’s for the scholarship players and 15 walk-on players already on the roster. Will it entice recruits…yep…I’m sure it will, but that is not the intent. Personally, I like that the $ is the same for all players in the locker room. Others will get additional deals, but no one is left out. As far as the players playing for the coach and not the money. I have to tell you, I tried as hard as I could to not like Joey McGuire. Couldn’t do it. That guy brings energy and enthusiasm to his program every day. He learned very well under Matt Rhule while he was at Baylor.

That’s awesome! The vast majority of schools have a hard time just endowing the scholarships much less giving $25K per year on top.


this level makes sense and they are required to do various charity and community work and appearances.
this model should work at UH

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I am sure he isn’t the only one feeling this way, but not sure if going public is the best way to way to address the issue.


I don’t care if this is the price of doing business. I wouldn’t want to be donating to a $2 million annual slush fund.


What’s all of this money worth when a team is going 3 or 5 wins? Some boosters are going to be feeling some kind of way when a giy gegs hurt, underperforms, etc.

Correct, no matter how much you pay the players, not every team is going to have a 12-0 season. Studies also show that money is a short term motivator. Once on the field, money wont win the game. UH has shown numerous times we can beat teams that have better players on paper but not on the field.

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They want to increase their odds that they will win 8-10 games a year and be included in the best conference possible versus winning 5-7 games and risk being left without a chair.

I saw that some top baseball teams are using NILs to enhance their rosters and make them competitive with lower round major league offers.

What’s needed is not a slush fund for players. What we need is a fund to cover the stadium and add AC. First and then a collective

How about the NCAA shine a light on Pay-for-Play arrangements?

We just got a 10m anonymous donation which was outstanding. However even a small part of that could be used for NILs for the players.

Right? Especially since that $2 million won’t be enough pretty quick. Didn’t Ryan Day say he expected it would take $13 million to keep the Ohio State roster intact? $13 mil a year, every year, and that number will only grow. This current system is unsustainable.


With no standards or guardrails, this is destined to become a train wreck, especially for the Mid Majors…the MAC, CUSA, Sunbelt, and yes, the AAC will all get dumbed down even more…

The Big Boys got what they wanted…
The Wild West.

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Montcoog, we can’t keep up, either. At least we got to the P5. Uh, P4? P3?

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I just hope to survive long enough to thrive…
We are 30 years of catching up behind.
The Big12 will change us dramatically, Thank God…

We will never be Texas or A&M, but we can be realists, compete and win, and go to the next level. I think UH is ready…but we are all going to have to put our oars in the water.

Pez said it best (paraphrasing)…we need 10K alumni (hopefully recent grads) to each donate $50, each and every year, take possession of OUR University, and grow our base…

I know we can achieve that and more…


Does that include or exclude the per seat “donation” required for football and basketball season tickets?