Telling fans to stay home is BS

Shame on the podcasters that tell fans not to donate or go to games. That is ridiculous. I know i will no Ionger listen or watch if that is what they will tell fans.
Be angry, let the admin know but don’t stop supporting.


Which podcast is it so I won’t listen to it?

It’s one way to get the admins attention. Put pressure on them.

But you are right shouldn’t stop supporting since it won’t matter to them anyways.

Friend helping a friend. Dana ain’t going nowhere whether you support or not. Might as well go to games eat and drink while not having any expectations of winning.

Also the podcast doesn’t need to say that. Ppl were going to do that anyways.

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Doesn’t he clearly state he won’t tell fans not to support or attend games?

I heard the Rage and Go Coogs were saying the same but i haven’t seen it or listened to anything

except when it is followed by a “, but…”

Really only covering their own backsides by saying the first part of the sentence.

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Then why is he telling you that is your only vote. I read that as telling fans they should vote by not going




HAHAHA That put a smile on! Thank you!

I attened all home games and some away games during the Helton/Dimel era.

Won’t be surprised if Holgorsen joins the “Below .500 Club” along with Wallace (our first coach), Helton, and Dimel before the season is over.

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Nobody is blaming fans but i will blame anyone telling people not to show up.


Thats what finally got Levine fired and if Dana is the coach next year we aren’t selling 26k season tickets especially with UT not on the home schedule.


You can debate whether it’s wrong for him to state this publicly, but he is factually correct.


That podcast sucks

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Dana really said “it’s not the play calls”? Dude can’t take any criticism, can he?


Nah, people are buying the Big 12. It’s all about box office. Yeah, no UT but most will keep them or move to better seats.

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