Terrance Arceneaux wants to Play 3-4 Seasons at Houston

This is very intriguing from a long interview Terrance had the other day.

Wants to play his first year in the NBA the Fall of 2025 or 2026.

That means the goal is 3 to 4 years at Houston.

This is great news for us on where his head is, would love for us to keep having guys play 3-4 years in college like Dotson , Grimes, Brooks, Sasser (next year).

The teams with more veterans are more developed and go deep in the tournament.

And most importantly the success of our guys raising the bar for us in NBA.

Sasser, Mark (most likely), and Walker will be gone after this year.

Having Jojo Tugler, Jamal Shead, Jwan Roberts, Ramon Walker, Emmanuel Sharp, Javier Francis, K Jefferson, and Terrence Arceneaux is a great core so far for our first year in the BIG 12 in 2023 :slight_smile:


I read that as he wants to be in his second or third season in the NBA.




That’s correct which is 2025 or 2026 :slight_smile:

Wouldn’t that mean that by five years from now (2027) he wants to be two-threes years already on a good NBA team? He starts play in 2023, so that seems to me like he plans on two-three seasons in a Cougar uniform. Maybe I have my math wrong though. I was a Comm major.

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Five years from now (Fall 2027 going into 3rd NBA season. 1st season in NBA would be 2025.

Fall 2022, 2023, and 2024 he would be with us.

We are UH Grad’s, basic math is easy lol.


You’re right


Time to edit the title

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I love have some of us can’t do basic math.

Do not touch the title unless you know how to do math lol.

Don’t mess with my topics of discussion and I won’t with yours.

Just be Happy TA wants to be here :).

Let’s review. 5 years from now (2027 3rd season, 2026 2nd season NBA, 2025 1st season NBA, 2024 junior at UH, 2023 sophomore at UH, 2022 freshman at UH.

Mic drop.


I’m not sure I have a lot of confiden in this.

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Wow, Lincoln Scott feels pretty good about himself. Lol

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Not myself, just the team.


Anyways, we’ll see how long he stays here. He could pull a Hinton or Armoni and leave early. I’m just looking forward to next basketball season.


He has zero plans to be here as a senior, believe me. Nobody does, certainly not high 4 stars. If you think he was trying to be precise in that quote as you are insisting go ahead and live the dream. I tip my hat to you.


Your five years from now has 6 years.
But its simple in 5 years he hopes to be either a 3rd or 2nd year NBA player. So it looks like he wants to be here 2 or 3 years


I think 2 years is the most likely scenario for TA. I think one and done is much more likely than him being here as a junior. Just my opinion.

I think he’s doing a bit

I read the entire interview as being very off-the-cuff. Most likely TA wasn’t really stopping to do the mental math himself when he was answering the question. I’d take the statement with a grain of salt.


I got to disagree here. I think him being on a path like mark wouldn’t be shocking at all. I know mark got hurt this year but even if he stays healthy I don’t think he would have left for the NBA. I could see TA here as a Jr although I’d predict him being a 2 year guy. But I don’t think it’s more likely for him being a 1 and done then 3 year guy. IMO there is a very tiny chance of TA being 1 and done. He just won’t play enough for it to happen this team is just too deep. He’s also not very polished

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