I haven’t even watched a second of the preseason because I already know how this season is going to turn out…ugly.

I just can’t believe people continue to spend even one penny on this garbage product.

At least we have a GM with a master plan to build a championship team a la the Astros. Wait, what, we dont even have a GM…lol


LA’s rejected expansion team! I miss the Oilers and the Governor’s Cup with the Cowboys.


Laugh all you want but after a shocking retirement by Andrew Luck, Texans are the favorite to win AFC South. Ok, I’m LMAO right now!!


… Only to lose first playoff game…


That offensive line is terrible and Lamar Miller is likely out for the season. Oh…and Bill O’Brien is the head coach.


Took the words right out of my mouth…lol!!!

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Bill O’Brian’s offensive scheme is so predictable. It’s hard to watch. He needs to go if the Texans are to ever make a run.


ONLY way things will change there is if folks quit supporting that garbage organization. They’ve wasted the careers of players like Watt, Johnson, Cushing, etc. They’ll waste Watson’ as well. BUT there is waiting list to get tickets so they’ll just keep laughing all the way to the bank. PURE GARBAGE


I miss the Oilers too.


At some point Bill O’Brien will be tired, right? Right?


Couldn’t agree more. I will not spend another penny on this train wreck of an organization. They say all they want to do is win championships but their actions say something different. Over the years they have proven it’s not about winning championships for them. They have let players like Mario Williams, Eric Winston, Dunta Robinson, DeMeco Ryans, Duane Brown, and AJ Bouye leave for one reason or another most of the time it was because we didn’t want to pay them. Looks like they’re in the process of losing Clowney for the same reasons. As long as we continue to buy this trash they will not change their philosophy. I feel bad for players like Andre Johnson and JJ Watt. Their loyalty and greatness never even close layer in one AFC championship game much less a Super Bowl.


Probably the exclusive problem that caused the Texans to be a joke!

You know, when I saw the list of the best NFL fans and the Cowboys and Patriots fans were listed at the top but the Texans were listed closer to the bottom I thought to myself what a joke of a list! Every one of the teams that were listed had the “best fans” because the teams were Superbowl-winning teams that were still doing well. The Texans, however, was a terrible team that was never good enough to contend for the Superbowl, but still had fans buying up all of the tickets and showing up for every game!

I don’t know how they define a great fanbase, but to me the Texans have the best fanbase. The fans support the team no matter what and the team is still one of the richest teams in the NFL despite never giving the fans any reason to cheer!

I remember when Payton Manning first played for the Colts, the team played in a half-empty stadium and it had a problem of not selling enough tickets! But somehow, the people that listed Colts fans as being way more loyal and way better than the Texans never considered the fact that Colts fans had only become loyal and cheerful for their team after the team was competing with the Patriots for the right to go to the Superbowl multiple times and definitely after it had won the Superbowl! Texans fans, however, didn’t need their team to be in the Superbowl in order for them to love their team and continue to shell out money for them!

The Texans are a lot like A&M, they have very loyal fans and they make a ton of money no matter the product they put on the field!


I can’t for the life of me understand some of my friends who are all about NFL and spending big money and energy on NFL games just keeping the rich rich. Come support these kids out here who are putting out a better product, better atmosphere, hotter girls, better food, etc…

NFL fans like to sit in the AC and pay thousands for a season tocker just to follow the crowd. They are like a herd of cattle.


At this point, I’d take an AFC Championship game.


Were it not for Coogs in the pros I certainly wouldn’t watch that political elitist league. I watch and root for my players and that’s it. Hard to support Redskins, New England, and Philadelphia for sure… maybe it’s a plot for ratings in Houston…


Embrace the healing power of substantially reducing or not caring about professional sports.


I stopped watching professional sports after seeing too many millionaires and billionaires whining about not making enough money and then acting like thugs. Yes, there are several that do very good community work, so I do follow a few individuals in the news, and I would consider donating to their specific charities.

College sports have their problems, but most of the players are there for an education and because they love the sport they play.


Well, H-town is full of gaggies so what you say here makes sense. IMO, the first class car on the Pollyanna Train is full of gaggies and Texans fans.

From a broader point of view, I have come to hate the NFL. Not the players, but the organization.


My football allegiance ranking:

  1. Coogs
  2. My Fantasy Team(s)
  3. Texans

Mine would be

  1. Coogs current season
  2. Coog re-reruns
  3. Coog dreams

I don’t do fantasy because that would require my paying attention to the NFL.