Texas hires Terry

5 years. $15.3 Million


How does that compare to Chris Beards deal?

Beard made $5M/year.

Good for him. Hope he never wins another game there.


Beard was 5M/yr for 7 years

Congrats Mr. Terry

Texas proved to be smarter but I would have loved if Terry rejected the offer and taken Providence job instead. That would have been hilarious.


Rhode Island winter or ATX… :thinking:

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Zinetta Burney wants to know too.

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Racist IMO.

How is it racist? He doesn’t come with the same background Beard had and he won with Beard’s team. I am sure he is not complaining about pulling down a couple mill a year.


If it was racist for Alvin to make less than Pat, then this situation is even worse as Terry has head coaching experience.

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He didn’t have to sign the contract…

Sounds like Beard was a better negotiator…


I thought his cry session in the presser was going to give the powers that be an out on his hiring. I understand the sentiment, but it wasn’t a good look.

I’ve been hearing, from talking heads, that it had the opposite effect…

That it showed his emotional investment in the team and school…


Did Alvin get extended yet at Lamar ?

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Welcome to the community! I haven’t seen any news of it yet.

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I must have missed the part where Terry took a non-blue blood to the National Championship game as a head coach and was highly sought after for his sustained success by multiple programs.

Being a former head coach doesn’t guarantee an equal contract if the open market lacks demand for your services. That isn’t racist. It’s business 101.

When Rodney Terry sustains success and keeps getting big time recruits, then he can renegotiate. But his market demand was nowhere near Chris Beards’ when beard was hired.


Terry deserved the head coaching job, and congrats to him.

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