Texas Tech hires Wells

Whenever a team fires a coach they usually go in the opposite direction with the new hire-think Jenkins and Helton. It doesn’t surprise me they are moving away from the air raid and this is the type of hire I would expect them to make (although he seems a questionable hire at best)

I feel like Texas Tech has given the air raid more chances than any other school including UH. We currently have the excuse of being a G5 and wanting something exciting to watch and a gimmick that can sometimes beat the big guys. Texas Tech on the other hand is surrounded by schools that have seen more success with pro style offenses. I don’t blame them for trying to switch. Insanity is trying the same thing over and over and expecting something different. As with you though, not sure why Wells was the choice.

Yes. We had trouble getting 3 and outs or even 4 or 5 and outs and forcing turnovers. I think these two things worked to tire the defense as much as the fast offense.

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The last time they didn’t run some version of that offense was Tuberville’s colossal failure. Dumping it is a mistake, but it’s not like they’re going to run the option.

Never understood why some people feel the need to use such extreme terms like “colossal failure” when describing mediocre results. If 20-17 (9-17) is a colossal failure, you have nothing left to describe results like 15-30 (3-20). Pretty sure Tuberville did run a bastardized version of the air raid though. He just was less than successful with it.


This is like when Louisville hired the Tulsa coach Steve Kragthorpe about 10 years ago and it will be the same sad results. This makes me wish Tech was on our 2019 schedule.


Good point especially when they had Duffy in at qb

Just went back to look at the exact stats. Tuberville’s final season, Texas Tech was ranked 2nd in passing yards per game and 1st in passing TDs. 20th in points per game. I don’t think his offense is the reason why he stepped down.

It was an air raid hybrid run by guess who…
Neil Brown as offensive coordinator who has also done a tremendous job at Troy ! Another great coaching candidate along with Litrell.

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Boy, TT pushed all in on a real gamble IMO. Perhaps they are hoping to duplicate a very good hire for us from Utah State (Bo Orlando)…
Perhaps more high profile coaches were scared off by the manner of firings of head coaches (Kingsbury, Tuberville, Leach), each with their own weird circumstances…
I continue to think that Lubbock is part of The Bermuda Triangle…hard to explain a lot of what goes on there…

Okay NEXT victims … please step forward … and let’s see what you can do that others more promising have failed miserably trying.

TT has never won a Big12 championship or even a division champ’ship I believe … just like Arkansas has never won the SEC football championship and probably won’t anytime soon since this dud from SMU and formally Clemson showed up

Yet they come from far and wide to try … this latest group may not be as bad as three yards and a cloud of dust … but it had better be exciting if they are giving up bomb raid /carrier raid /watevar raid since folks in snores-ville Lubbock have lil else to do on a football weekend


If they deliberately wouldn’t consider Air Raid coaches, yeah that’s kind of odd and detrimental.

Going bowling 5 out of 6 years at Utah State is extraordinarily tough. The state doesn’t have much D1 talent and a good chunk of the nearby talent are LDS kids that’ll go to BYU. They’ve had to win with a lot less talent than he’ll have access to at Tech, remote as Tech may be.


True but that’s why I would say Harsin from BSU would be a much better candidate if your going away from the air raid. But maybe they tried and he may have not been interested.

Yeah, I certainly can’t argue that. I probably would’ve picked stability over fighting to be 6th-7th best Big 12 team in a good year.

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LMAO, yea right. The guy can’t get an offensive play called before the play clock expires, even after a time out.

It wasn’t really Brown’s offense, because Tuberville stayed in the way.

As for Tuberville, he was a failure, regardless of how some people want to parse his record. Attendance, donor apathy, worsening defense, and blowout losses showed that quite clearly. See if you can find a single Tech fan who thinks he should have stuck around.


Oh he was terrible and was about to run that program into the ground…just like he was about to do at Cincinnati. Dude was just there to collect a paycheck which is why I’m glad we didn’t hire Les miles.


You brought up Tuberville as an example of failure when going away from the air raid at Texas Tech and then when it’s shown his offense was very successful you shift the goal posts. Why even bring up Tuberville now?

Leach’s last year
2009: 50,249
Tuberville years
2010: 57,108
2011: 55,347
2012: 57,209

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Lol. What?

Not going to go through this silliness with you. There’s no upside. Ever. :no_mouth:

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I bet 2009 had some economic factors going on for the fans. Economy was still in the trash (I just graduated UH and was trying to get things started, believe me I know) and gas prices had just jumped above $2 for good only a couple of years before that. Driving from Dallas to Lubbock becomes slightly less important in those circumstances. Things started stabilizing after that.