The Astros Mega thread for Cool People

It is too early to get too excited but I do like how the big 5 are hitting.

Tucker? I don’t know what to think yet. He kind of strikes me as a guy that you think is having a bad year and you realize he has 30 HRs.

Starting pitching has been excellent. Bullpen not so much.

Its our pitching that sucks. Disappointed in that.

I don’t know what to make of this team yet. It has pieces I like. We will see what they do out in Seattle this weekend.

Dusty is leaving people in to lose games

I agree. Other than he seems like a nice guy, Dusty hasn’t shown me anything. It reminds me when Bob Lillis was manager. The Flea was a nice guy but won absolutely nothing.

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I think they brought him in because the media likes him.

Agreed. I would have preferred that they had Hinch and Luhnow serve their suspension and come back after a year. Boston did it the right way.

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I just hope our pitching comes around. I am pleased with Tucker. The rest of the guys want to swing too.

The freaking Rockies!!! How does Dusty Baker have a job. We have the worst bullpen in baseball.

He’s dreadful. Horrible hire. Reeked of fear. They deserve what they get.

For what it’s worth, the bulk of the evidence shows that managers don’t really mean much. The people to be disappointed in are Jim Crane and James Click.

Managing really only matters in pitching. And DB is an old-school style handler of pitchers.

But you’re right about Crane. He buckled under pressure. Lets hope this new guy builds pitching from top to bottom in the system. Pitchers to bring up. Pitchers to develop. Pitchers to trade.

Big lift to see McCullers pitch so well yesterday.

I hope the Astros don’t give up young pitching at the trade deadline.

Astros are on fire!

Indeed they are. Great starting pitching and the best lineup since maybe the Big Red Machine.

To lose Verlander, Cole and Springer and be one of the best teams in baseball is remarkable.

Bring on the Dodgers!!!

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I hope we begin to retool the farm system too.

They are exceeding my expectations in every way.

Would love to have the Dodgers again.

The Astros are interesting. Their lineup is one of the better ones of all time statistically. The rotation is good and very young. The bullpen has sucked this year at times but seems to be stabilizing. They definitely could win it all this year.

Going forward they will lose Correa to FA. Guriel, Brantley and Altuve will get older and production will drop. BUT Alvarez is a generational talent and the rotation could age into one of best in baseball. Bregman? I don’t know if he wasn’t the one guy who benefited from the sign stealing. He isn’t the same even before he got hurt. Not bad but not the same.

I love baseball, I count myself fortunate to be anAstros fan.

Bregman is just having a so-so year.

I’m a little disappointed in how Baker handled the Straw trade. No one wanted to trade Straw but he’s not a franchise player and Baker’s bullpen could have cost them a shot at the World Series.

The GM is trying to help him win the whole thing, not just have a fun locker room. I applaud the trade and give him credit for getting the young catcher too. That guy has some good numbers.

All in all the GM made solid moves this week. You don’t pass the trade deadline with a shaky bullpen when you’re leading the division. That’s what average GMs do.

I actually think the Astros got better than their competitors did. We’ll see.

How are the Astros getting around Executive Order 39?

I wonder who mlb (& fox) want to see in the World Series (as usual) this year? Oh, look! It’s the commissioner’s team and the gLAsshouse gang! Subtle mlb, really subtle.

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