The dumbest thing you will ever read on the internet today

“Daily Wire host says it is unscientific to cast a Black person as a mermaid”

Reaction from marine life…“Hahahahahahahaha…”




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Now THIS is dumb.

Trump is going “full QAnon.”


I’m not sure that’s a problem with many of his supporters, which is crazy.

Exactly why I said “today”…new day…new low.

I for one am happy that Trump is concerning himself with Satanic Cults of sex traffickers instead of the presidency. In fact i want to encourage him in focusing on that.

By the way his truth social platform is doing as well as his casinos.

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His followers (my friends) have been saying that for 6 years! He hasn’t exposed ONE yet :rofl::rofl:

Part of the swamp, maybe??

The original Q lives in the Philippines, a notorious global hot spot for child sex trafficking.

Odds on this being projecting the entire time…pretty dang high.


He would know a lot about sex trafficking:

One of the great mysteries of life is the so calked “christians” who support Trump.

Open your eyes the man is a pig.


Here’s a good one for today.

I don’t think you can be dumber…


I see your idiots and raise you an idiot…


Absolutely hilarious!

I don’t know what is more ridiculous, the fact that someone spent time studying why there cannot be Black mermaids (?) or that someone online was so upset by a fictional Black mermaid in a fictional film that they actually are interested in what this buffoon has to say.

BTW, just so everyone is clear, mermaids are not real. I know I am preaching to the choir here, but still.


Of all things to focus on in analysis of whether something around mermaids are possible. Lol

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I am sorry, but are you suggesting that mermaids are real and that this moron’s “analysis” has merit?

I just want to make sure we all understand where you are coming from.

This dude literally went into detail about why a dark skinned person cannot live deep in the ocean, all because a Black actress was cast as a mermaid, which is a fantasy based on Irish folklore.

So, yes, I focused on that because for someone to spend even a nanosecond on this is so ridiculous.

I’m not talking about you. I’m talking about whether black mermaids are possible. None of it is for a thousand reasons but someone is wants to analyze this.

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Ok apologies my friend. Yes I agree, and it seems weird that this man would focus on this. He is so mad that the new, live action “Little Mermaid” is Black that he has gone crazy. Why do people care?

My mother always said that hate makes you stupid; this is proof positive right here.


I ask questions like how can mermaids talk and sing under water? Why isn’t their skin wrinkly all the time? What do they eat if they are friends with the sea creatures?

This guy asks why they’re not all white like him. Lol


Ha Ha, word!

Clearly this dude was a fan of the Little Mermaid as a kid.

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Dude, come on, Vegan


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