The Future is Here

10k an interview. Hard to recruit against that. I hope we can survive. It sure does seem that this is going to split college football like the Red Sea. It was just in the last 20 years we were raising money on a fan site for a fax machine for the basketball team. Now how much can a fan site raise for some interviews?

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I’m pretty sure we could raise enough to match that for Parish.

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I think that’s a ridiculous amount just for an interview. Fans shouldn’t have to pay for that! But I’m sure Derek would love that kind of money.


I think this helps us. Some of these high 3 stars go to these big schools and ride the bench for 2 years. Could come to Houston and make an instant impact. Guess who will be getting paid for these interviews? Impact players. Not guys riding the pine.


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I don’t know who owns this site, but send me a DM because I’ve got an idea.

Happy for these kids. Work their tails off their entire life. Can now start getting some of the big time money floating around college football. ABOUT DAMN TIME.

Well the rich get richer. Imagine that.
Schools like Agy and Horn can now do stuff in the open.
But I would imagine many of the AAU and street pimps will want money under the table to keep from paying taxes


Could someone like fertitta just pick a handful of players and pay 5 figs to smile in a commercial, or are there prohibitions for boosters or similar? Not trying to spend anybody else’s money but just wondering how much this could turn into boosters funneling cash.

Coogfans can do the same thing lol

But texags is very close to the athletic department and borderline a spokesman for them. Basically A&M is paying them however you spread it


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This is the end of college football. Now its a pro sport. No thanks.


This whole thing is about a nanosecond from spinning out of control…
And it will.
The NCAA screwed this whole thing up by not allowing (much larger) universal stipends decades ago. All sports, guys and gals.
They were too chicken bleep and rudderless to do anything then, now, or in the future…


PS: Gee Whiz…wait till the gals see how much the dudes are receiving. Gee Whiz Part Deaux…Gosh, ya think Title 9 is gonna bring a truckload of lawsuits ? What a hot mess.


Where DO I sign up to donate

Exactly. Where do we sign up?

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There goes college football as we have known it.


Doing a weekly interview with 2 different starters, off and def, would be very intriguing. Need a new tip jar!

More reasons for the state to split the PUF 4 equal ways! No reason to waste state’s money so that UT and A&M can waste it on paying players for interviews, paying players to go to their school, and other nonsense!


The dark money is now flowing through “legitimate” sources. I honestly don’t believe the players are going to get much more than what they are already getting. They are just going to have to pay taxes on it. The auto dealers are warming up.

In fact, less money is going to flow to all the ancillary 3rd parties. There is no hush money needed anymore.


I agree as the rules now are nuts…but…this is opening Pandoras Box IMO. There is less than zero chance this will not end up in courts. If you pay the football players you will also have to pay T&F, volleyball, field hockey, etc. If it gets to that many Universities will just drop sports period. I probably sound like a “The End Is Near” type but love the ambiance of college sports. Would hate to see that destroyed