The Madness Starts Now - Day 1 games

Charleston Coog’in It

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Everyone tuning in for Iowa - Auburn in about an hour?

And they’re still beyond soft


Anyone have Princeton?

My bracket is already taken some.dmagae

I liked Princeton….if it had been a 12/5 or a 13/4 I probably would have taken them because I look at the PAC like BIG 10 junior in quality of league….I was not super impressed with Arizona.

But at 15/2 I doubted myself and figured I must be missing something….I thought it must be a down year by Princeton standards if they are seeded 15.


Was their game in New Jersey?

Melendez for Illinois gonna get himself another tech for hanging on the rim

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How people saw a heavily injured UCLA team give them all they can handle twice right before the dance and still picked them to go anywhere further than the Sweet 16 is beyond me lol

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West region is set up perfectly for Gonzaga

Oregon hammered them


I love upsets more than my bracket


Nobody should be afraid of Auburn or Iowa.


“Stop it, bro”

Only reason I’d be a little afraid of Iowa is that they’ve got some Chaos Team in them. Seems like they just kind of rise up and beat the crap out of teams they absolutely shouldn’t sometimes. Wouldn’t put it past them to do it to us.

Iowa wasn’t even trying on the boards. We’d have eaten them up. Kinda a shame they lost.