The Most Offensive Team Nicknames in Every Sport

The Most Offensive Team Nicknames in Every Sport

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I realize this article is somewhat tongue in cheek but it really makes me mad when people say cotton pickers is racist. My parents and grandparents all picked cotton by hand. Context is everything.


Sounds like it’s “start a fight” week on Coogfans. Must be a blood moon or something.


#7 too funny, must be changed.

Willie Nelson picked cotton.

So did Alabama. It was on the roadside and ditch.

That’s called being ‘under pressure’. :sunglasses:

Not offensive or anything but the UC Santa Cruz mascot is the Banana Slug. I suppose it could be considered offensive if the meaning was construed to be condoning violence

I have no problem with dropping all the Names folks find offensive. What I don’t want to hear, after all these names are changed, is why are there no ( fill in the blank) names to honor (fill in the blank) and start the whole racist convo again.





Careful of the language. Kids might be on this board.


You can’t put stock in a reporter that doesn’t know what Gyrenes are. Everyone should know it’s another nickname for the jarheads, I mean Marines. At least all of us Navy men know it.

My Irish grandmother was one of 15 kids , they all worked in the cotton fields in Lyndale , Texas.


How does Notre Dame always get left out of these conversations?

The Falfurrias Jerseys always played the Robstown Cotton Pickers in the battle of nicknames.


The Longhorns should consider changing their name to the Vaginas


I would not support that. Now changing their name to the Rectums would get my vote.


Answer: because their nickname is derived from the fact that one of their Founding Priests was a Catholic chaplain to the Civil War Union Irish Brigade.

Its a well known fact that climate change is due to cattle methane. Change your name Longhorns.

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I’ve never heard that. I read it came from opposing fans, as a dig at their student population, before the school had an official name for their teams and they adopted it.

My original post was sarcasm, but after a google search I found they were ranked the 4th most offensive mascot in college sports.