The NBA helped remake Houston’s Kelvin Sampson; will it lure him back?

If that Rockets job opened up, and he could ensure Kellen was the head coach at UH, he might take it.

“I feel like anything he gets he deserves,” Davis Jr. said. “If Coach Sampson was to take another job, nobody in this locker room would be mad.”

But what would make Sampson happy?

“He loves the NBA,” Kellen Sampson said. “Does he feel this immense itch or pull back to the NBA? I don’t think he has any interest in being bad. That’s the competitiveness in him. If it was a great, great NBA situation, it might be a different conversation. But he’s not gonna take a bad one.”

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I’m rooting no good teams or situations open up in the NBA!!!

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This always makes me very nervous. I could see him making the move to the NBA. There are also a few collegiate positions that have opened up. Arkansas, Alabama and UCLA. It comes down to where CKS wants to finish his career.

There’s nothing family about the NBA.

That’s the first I heard that he loves the NBA. And from the best source in the world.


One thing to add is that Armoni said in that article he doesn’t see coach leaving.

Otherwise, I’ve been saying this for awhile. Based on his interviews and talking to folks who have a little more insight, I could possibly see CKS leaving if he had an opportunity to coach a good team in the NBA or for a job in North Carolina. Outside of that I don’t think he would other than mayyyybe at a blue blood or if someone like the Aggies gave him a Jimbo like deal with 10 years and $40 million guaranteed.

I also agree with Corey. He took our program from the dead. I wouldn’t be mad at him if he left.


Wake Forest announced today that they will keep Danny Manning. That’s one spot off the list.

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Nice. Didn’t see them eating all the money they owe him, but that’s a little bit of a relief nonetheless since it seemed possible they might cut their losses.

For what it’s worth, even if Manning gets canned next year, I certainly wouldn’t predict Sampson ends up there. However, Wake would worry me more than somewhere like Arkansas, or especially A&M. But who knows.

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I would give him a 5 year deal- worth 22.5 million. First two years 3.5 million per and the next 3 years at 5.33 million a year.


Never underestimate the scumbags in college station.

Knowing Kelvin Sampson, he knows College Station will always be a football season and the SEC is not the ACC or Big Ten in basketball. If he does leave, it won’t be them.

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Progs dropping coins.

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That’s actually a great setup. Makes him highest paid coach in AAC, but is back weighted to encourage completing the contract.

In my opinion he builds this program for another 5 years and builds it to a consistent top 10 program. Then Kellen takes over and Kelvin takes the Rockets gig.

I love the Rockets (not as much as the Coogs) so that scenario works for me. The Bushs might be the first family of Houston but the Sampsons would be the first family of basketball in Houston.


How about Vandy? They’ve got the same SEC money and have a ton of support from their administration and ESPN.

Not to mention Bama is open, they can give Sampson at least NBA money.

UH, fans are such downers. We are having one of the best seasons in program history and you are all having a big thread contemplating Sampson leaving. Can never enjoy anything. This piece was written by someone with no real ties to UH basketball and is a Johnny come lately. Sampson said himself that in the last conversation with his father, his dad told him he should be in college basketball because it is his calling. That is how he ended up looking and was approached by UH. His whole family is here and he will not have this family environment in the NBA. I also just don’t see him packing up and moving away from his family after he gets a raise from UH this offseason. He can win here!


Did anybody listen to thst interview from coach?? It would calm your hearts and shut this thread down!


IMHO, Sampson will not leave UH for another college program. He is the architect of our success. He built this program from average to outstanding. He isn’t finished until he wins a NC. However, if he does leave, it will be for the Rockets. Houston is his home. He loves Houston and he doesn’t want to leave Houston. His family, friends, admiration and success lies in this city.


There was an article about Sampson in the Athletic today that Pray10 posted. We can discuss the article and enjoy the win as well!


No way Tilman would take Sampson from the Coogs. But… business is business. Still, agree with previous guys. Let’s enjoy this ride and hump everything else. :sunglasses:

The question I have is whether Kellen is ready to be a head coach?

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