The next four home games have available seats in the student section. Buy em up if you want to sit there and take the students seats!

This is keeping in mind that you can show up to the games early, get in, and sit there given it is GA. 10.50 each. Good bargain. You can get up to eight.

Want higher student attendance? Take their seats away.

Except for Cinci

Basically check against ULaLa, Tx St, Cinci, and Wichita. S11-15 are open, 109 is open.

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My suggestion, take their seats. When they complain, they’ll know why

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That thread was more pessimistic than coogfans and that’s saying alot.


It’s really sad the student doesn’t get behind UH teams. Does not bode well for future attendance.
Proud of our diversity at UH it’s a big drawback in our sports programs

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Diversity isn’t the issue. It’s marketing. People across all go to games.


Christmas break has a lot to do with it. Way less kids on campus.


Doubtful. Do you want the coaches to keep on begging the students or maybe have the campus police escort them to games?
But I hope you are right

Alabama students were there, guess they don’t have finals or leave campus for Xmas break, we ALWAYS have excuses in Houston it’s time to put up or shut up, we are moving into Big 12 and we are a laughing stock on attendance, ie Cincinnati fans laughing at us, probably will have 90 percent Auburn fans at bowl, and yes I know it’s in Alabama, but I assure u if game was in Texas they probably would still out draw us, it’s pitiful


Tuscaloosa has 240,000 people in the metro. Birmingham is less than an hour away with 1,150,000 million. They don’t have an NFL, NBA, or MLB team to compete with and they couldn’t sell 70% of their arena on a Heisman celebration night.

It’s funny because their players were even tweeting that they enjoyed the atmosphere and that’s how they wish it was Everytime. Im sure we were their biggest crowd this far and it was still a lackluster atmosphere. When they get here you can be sure our crowd is going to make them feel uncomfortable.


Did you read the comments?!

“ too much homework”

“ pandemic, not want to be face to face”

“ pay my housing and I’ll go to games”

“ students are aware, just don’t care”

“ who fuc$&@ cares”

“ basketball is boring”

“ they are playing weak teams”

“ UH is more concerned about their damned sports teams than academics departments”

Just a few of the comments from our students…… I realize that we have a small core that actually care but obviously we have a large portion of sh$&@ students.


School still in session now.

By Tuesday…not so much.

My U. of Arizona Granddaughter leaves campus next Wednesday. Her brother goes to U. of Northern Arizona and he already is home.

Our Alums are the problem with attendance. Not students.

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Alums may be part of the problem but if you don’t think students are at least equally the problem you are mistaken…… many UH students live in Houston or surrounding areas…… they are not all getting on planes to fly home for break.


1 thing on Alabama fan support. Basketball is one of those sports where you suck for several years, fans stop caring. Before Nate Oats, they had Avery Johnson, Anthony Grant, and Mark Gottfried. Probably a decade of average basketball, 15 loss seasons.

Last year, they were great. But it was Covid, fans really couldn’t attend.

This year, check their attendance numbers. They have a really good team. For Auburn, Arkansas, Kentucky, Tennessee, should be big crowds.

If they’re not, then I stand corrected

And a topic that yall have brought up. How many current students, really care about UH sports. Football and Basketball.

Any polls done for current students?

Like on a scale of 1 to 10, how important is moving to the Big 12?

They’re there for the degree and getting a job…

If they did care about sports, they’d go to UT, A&M, Tech.

That’s my pessimistic view on things, lol.

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These are valid:

1, 2, 4, 6.

Not valid and kinda meh:

3, 5, 7.

8 is kinda valid but athletics is our doorstep.

Updated post to reflect. Take the student seats, have your fun. When they complain, they will know exactly why.

I’m going to work on my own thing to hope UH steps it up.


So…we have one of the most exciting college basketball teams in the country and we have one of the SMALLEST student sections in the country and we can’t fill it up every game…there is usually ONE home game a week. Maybe TWO during OOC.

I’ve been saying this since day ONE: it is the type of student we admit to the University.

Seriously…we admit net users of UH…not net givers…not contributors.

Many, but NOT ALL, could care less about UH other than to get a degree. They drive in and leave…they never talk up their Alma mater, they never consider living on campus, they never consider Greek life or any other social groups, they never return for alumni events, they never attend a sporting event…they DO NOT CARE…this is a systemic issue with the University of Houston.

Yes there are OUTLIERS but this is killing our University. Our 4 year graduation rates are holding us back because we have so many students going the "long route " to fit into their current situation.

…and yes I’ve encountered many that wish we didn’t have athletics AT ALL…

We need to stop accepting those kind of students …funnel them to our non-traditional non-destination satellite campuses. Those are very low ROI students. When will we figure this out?

We NEED to start acting like a destination University…we are almost a 100 year old University. It is time to evolve past the sprawling commuter school image…not say it but actually DO IT!


I’m hoping the move to the Big 12 will help with this.

Cause when we were in the SWC, the pride in the university, was much higher.

Then the 20 years of Conference USA and the American Conference, really made UH a mainly academic destination for students

But I appreciate the people on here that are trying to get students engaged. And build that fan support


How would diversity be a drawback for basketball? Its the 2nd most popular sport in the world. There are close to 100 countries with professional basketball leagues.

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I think the poster means we accept students who have no connection or knowledge of sports.

UH athletics isn’t a generational thing grandfathers talk to their grandsons about like they do at blue blood schools.

Like I said…even Tilman Fertitta’s and Matt Thomas’ kids wanted NOTHING to do with attending the University of Houston. It was beneath them.

THAT is a problem…I’m not saying you should force your kids to attend your Alma mater …I’m saying we should be evolving into a University that they would WANT to attend .

Not being a traditional University is holding us back and YES …there are many examples of Traditional campuses in medium to large metro areas…so that is NOT a valid excuse.