The Official Houston Cougars Marketplace for NIL Deals

So, this is how we are doing NIL at UH? NIL at UT.

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How does the UH club use the players names and image? I guess it can be as simple as sending out a brochure with their names a d soliciting funds for the club.

Surprise! NIL isn’t really “NIL”


It is like giving kids an allowance with extra steps.

The NIL Club seems to target the average fan for NIL contributions. I think to be more successful, the NIL Club needs to provide more value to the average fan than “Any subscription amount grants you access to the club’s content and community.”

I do not think the average fan thinks like a BMD or a small company who needs a spokesperson and creates a NIL to pay some athletes. If the average fan donates $100.00/month, they want more than online access. It would help if the NIL Club goes into more detail about what the average fan gets joining the club.

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This is crazy…there’s too many different platforms.

There’s going to be a lot of grifting.

I do not believe any numbers being thrown out there regarding NIL. Blown way out of proportion by people speculating

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The problem I see is people donating to the athletic departments with gifts towards scholarships and other costs, then being asked to donate more to just give players more money. Limited amount to go around, and I believe most athletic dept giving is still tax deductible. NIL donations very questionable at this time for tax purposes.

NIL will have to go to NIL if it wants to be successful, and not just pay to play. Have a big preseason event where players have to show up and sign autographs and meet people (ie. NIL) and invite people that donate to the NIL that host the event. Maybe your donation level gives you so many autograph tickets, photo op tickets, and drink tickets.

why are there non-Coogs on that page.

Is this sanctioned. I smell something funny on that page.

Is this approved.

Alton? Really?

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Brilliant idea. Now if we can get Taylor Swift or Beyonce or some other entertainer the public would love to see. Law said we should make her a honorary Coog, since her mom’s an alum. Beyonce is almost considered one.

TDECU coming through with a NIL program for UH athletes that centers around financial literacy.


I know most have y’all have seen the Run it Back campaign in some of the basketball threads

But also released with very little fan fair was the new LinkingCoogs subscription plans, for as little as $35 a month you can get a discount in their store, and access to private meet-and-greets and events. We have been asking for this for a while, now it is here.

I signed up and so far the private membership area is a nothing-burger mostly just information about deals being signed, but also the real time overall NIL numbers. I am assuming they are planning for some exclusive content once they get a few more members.

They had a booth at the Hyatt in Dallas during the Sweet 16, and they have some cool shirt designs and everything seemed like good quality. I bought a hat and would have bought a shirt but the young ladies running it did not bring enough of the larger sizes, it was their first time to set up the booth and they were out of everything above a large by 4:00.

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This is exactly the kind of deal I was talking to you about at the AM game at Toyota. This something everyone can be part of.

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