The ole caught between a rock and a

hard place … or … damned if you do and damned if you don’t … OR … do you want more mediocre Kansas’s and Iowa St added or do you want more OUs and TCUs added.

Yet another article stating the Big12’s dilemma and of course …

UH’s rise to a legitimate power YET to taken by any P5 conference and there for the taking as soon as some P5 gets off their lazy patooties and do so … my own interpretation … :sunglasses:



I don’t understand the dilemma. You want to make money, put fans in the stands, increase your brand…you add the best possible candidates. If you’re UT or OU, UH won’t impact you, they’ll still recruit, they’ll still be blue bloods. Why not try to see if you can add a 3rd? Its not like the rest of the Big 12 has that potential.

The writer brings up Miami, well, supposedly the Big 12 wanted Miami and possibly FSU when they were looking at the ACC. Here’s the closest thing you can get. Add UH and BYU, get it over with, enjoy the spoils.

And that editorial is absolutely fantastic.