The question we really need to ask ourselves through all of this madness

Are we (UH) really as important as we think we are


If additional teams leave the Big 12, we are most likely stuck with the AAC. Which isn’t inherently a bad thing, but we still have no full confirmation as to Playoff Expansion

I guess we gonna find out


We aren’t as valuable as a portion of our fanbase thinks we are but we aren’t as bad as needing an entire thread to address it…


im of sound belief that its not an issue of “importance”. the issue we face is that conferences have to decide if we’re going to be more of a benefit or threat.

there is zero doubt in my mind that if we get added to a “P5” conference we will excel and do so quickly, but that could be the problem as well.

houston area recruiting for all sports is a real thing on the national level.

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We can’t be thinking like that during this time. We need to be focused on getting the most out of this situation that we can and have to be proactive. Baylor, Tech, Vanderbilt, Wake Forest etc. and all the other teams that went from G5 to P5 when they didn’t really have a better Football or Basketball history than Houston were not thinking like that.

Lets focus on getting the best we can get. A common problem with UH fans is they are their own obstacle during times like this. Only you can advocate for yourself, don’t expect others to give you validation and advocate for you. Believe in yourself first then execute, then others will follow.


our basketball team just made it to the final four.

our track and field teams compete on the national level year after year

our football team is just a few recruits away from being a legit competitor in any league we’ll ever actually make it to (which will come with a major conference membership)

our facilities and university are 100% top notch

We’ve got more in place already than over half the current P5 conference members. We absolutely deserve to have a seat at the table.


Well said

Our women soccer made it to AAC tourney recently. Last year, the program has a winning season for the first time in 10 years. Our athletic programs are improving at across the board except u know what. But I think we will have a good season this year. CDH will surprise a lot of us.

We have so much more potential if we make it to a better conference.

I’m very optimistic based on everything you cited, as well as UH’s team leading the effort. I’m sure Dr. Khator, AD Pez, and Tilman have a pretty thick lessons learned folder from the last round of B12 expansion talks. The state’s third largest university located in the nation’s fourth largest city with a diversified student enrollment with no religious or political affiliation. We are an extremely safe bet.
Just need to get students, alumni, and the city behind the effort.

We deserve to have a seat at the table, period, end of story.


Probably not. There is a natural tendency for an individual to
overestimate their skills and abilities , and I think that carries over to our
school affiliation too. UH is in our DNA. BUT, as has been pointed out
by others in this thread, there is much to be proud of and much accomplished
despite being instate with 2 800lb gorillas.

We clearly have the right chairman of the board and president to navigate these
times better then ever before. They will leave no stone unturned. In that regard , we have an
advantage in leadership over other schools in this chess game + lottery drama playing out now.

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By God, we are THE University of Houston. We matter.


At some point potential needs to lead to production.

If the playoffs expand to 12 teams, we have a chance at an at large bid. Why not stay in AAC until 2024, if we can make the playoff one or two times we will be good for any conference. That makes every win and all Coog support critical, THIS YEAR. Jumping to B12 when they will implode in 2024 makes no sense.


This is going to be decided by the end of THIS August if not sooner.

We got to do you know what or get off the you know what.

It was not the speed we would of liked but this is it. Now or never.

The remaining B12 schools have a $100million reasons to try and stay together until the GOR 2024.