The Travel Thread

Where are you going, where have you been? Deals, tips, advice.

Upcoming. Have a trip to visit a friend in San Fran and working on a trip to Greece around Labor Day.

Where I’ve been? 44 of the top 50 US cities by population as well as Alaska. Outside of the US; Mexico, Canada, Italy, France, Belgium, Germany and Jamaica.


Toledo, Ohio - several times as a child but not recently.

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Most of my travel is for work. I just took my son to New York. My wife and I are going to Vegas in a couple of weeks.

Through work, I’ve made it to 39 states. Tomorrow is state #40 (Vermont).

29 states. Mexico, Canada, England, Scotland, Wales, France, Netherlands, Greece, Austria, Czech Rep., Poland. Went to Greece in ‘94. Took a 10-day tour with guide (Globus) of the Peloponnesus and a cruise through Greek islands. Really enjoyed it. Food wasn’t great, but prices were low. Planning to spend some time in the Hill Country this summer.

Places been
Iceland- Reykjavik is an underrated city, but Iceland as a whole is kind of overrated as a destination but it is cool
New Zealand- Loved everything about it would go back in a heartbeat would moved there if the opportunity came up.
France- Liked it, would go back maybe on a battlefield tour next time
Peru- We enjoyed Cuzco and Lima a great deal saved Mach Picchu should be seen by everyone
Panama- Enjoyed the vacation not sure Id go back

Going this year
Galapagos Islands/Ecuador

38 out of 50 states.


I haven’t been everywhere or very well traveled. That said, we lived in CA for 5 years (moved back to Houston this month) so did everything CA since 2017. We did almost everything at least once and had a blast doing it. CA is such a beautiful state.


So next summer we are wanting to head to England/Ireland…. Any advice on how much money airfare should cost me? Where to fly into and by which airline? Stuff like that……thanks

So personal advice… If you have this sort of time planning you should absolutely look at a travel rewards card for the major points bonuses that way your flights or hotels costs can be minimized and even rewarded. Plus getting the right card can you other perks like lounge access or free checked bags.

That’s where I would start, also if it’s cost or point effective try and fly over on an foreign carrier. The way you get treated by international crews and planes is night and day vs the punishing experience of flying with US legacy carriers


Also if you can plan ahead the dollar is strong right now and might buy more vacation in Europe

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Did most of my travel when I was young. Europe including Munich Olympics when I was 19.

Covered all of Asia from 73-75.

Only state I haven’t been to is Alaska.

My mom said “I feel sorry for the girl you marry. She’ll see this world traveller who will take her all over the world and you’ll never want to go anywhere” I thought she was wrong but after I moved to Texas I only want to go to So Padre.


Just returned from a quick trip to Vegas. Daughter and SIL who travel there frequently took us to new restaurant we’d highly recommend. If you like fajitas try one of the three Juan’s Flaming Fajitas. Nice final flame cook at your table. We visited the out by/in Summerlin.

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Went on that trip pre COVID. Flew Singapore Airlines direct from Houston to Manchester. One of the best airlines I’ve flown. Economy class ticket was fairly priced. It’s a Star Alliance airline so if you are a United Airlines frequent flyer member you qualify for benefits.
Went to Wales from Manchester. Took a ferry from Holyhead Wales to Dublin. Short enjoyable ferry ride. Several amenities on the large sized ferry. On the return portion went to Edinburgh, Scotland. Also took a one day trip to St. Andrews Scotland. For the golf lovers, it’s. A public course and you can dine in the restaurant of the hotel where the pros stay. It helped me that I have family in Holyhead.
PM me if you have any specific questions.

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I grew up close to South Padre. Love that place… that’s my retirement goal but with SpaceX driving up the prices may not happen.
China, S Korea, Japan, Italy, France, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Mexico. All of these places have awesome food if you know where to go…

I’ve flown into Heathrow, Gatwick, and Manchester. We’ve been to the UK three times now. I love Scotland, especially the Highlands and the northern and northwest coasts, and the Lake District is incredibly scenic and rustic. We would rent cottages in especially scenic spots. Haven’t been back in seven years so not sure about where it’s best to fly into. I know I probably enjoyed flying British Air as much or more than any airline I’ve been on.


I highly recommend this also… i have done this for multiple trips.

If you sign up for the United Explorer card, you basically get miles that are good for a round trip ticket to Europe if you meet your initial obligation.

How is traveling from London to Scotland (Edinburgh)?

There are many cheap daily flights from Heathrow and i’m thinking of doing a day, or 2, excursion from London there.

Do you recommend Edinburgh?

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I have a Southwest, American and Delta CC’s……obviously SW does me no good…… but are there any airlines even from Across the pond that have good prices?

Singapore Air…. I’ll look into it, thanks.

I will say it’s been awhile since I’ve checked but they are all fairly competitive but on the higher side, to me personally it’s worth the extra price for the better experience. We loved Lufthansa when we’ve flown with them and it wasn’t much more expensive than say United.

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Tel hai, Israel, Jurusalem. San diego, Los Angeles, San Jose, San Francisco CA, Midland Michigan, Cleveland Ohio, Chicago, New York, Boston, New Orleans, Tiajuana Mexico

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