Think Senator Whitmire is a genuine Coog?

Remember the UH alum that went ballistic on Dr. Khator over her vision of having freshman live on campus? Wonder in whose interests he was acting under?

Well…I know he wasn’t at his Houston Cougars vs Texas Tech game this Saturday.

No…he was dressed in UT gear rooting on the Longhorns. I knew he was a snake!


Who cares, he still serves his purpose in the legislature

He single handily derailed our Freshman live on campus initiative…I care …a lot


Give it a rest, he’s a politician, he needs to panders for all sides of his base.

He’s done more then enough for us in Austin.


For those that don’t remember:


Maybe he had to wear that because he lost a bet.


Whitmire has done a decent job for UH, and was glad he was in the room for that debacle with Baylor, Tech, TCU and Bolwsby side show. But Whitmire wasn’t super effective in that meeting either.

He was okay in the hearing, which was 100% better and more than the representation UH had in the early 1990’s.

The guy lives part time in Austin and wants to support the local college football team against Louisiana, let him. Now if he wears UT Orange if the Horns play UH …… then there’s an issue. :sunglasses:


If it was an isolated incident…ok.

But after publicly throwing your school president under the bus, a president that is the best thing that’s ever happened to our University. And reprimanding her… that was a low blow in my book.

I’m siding with Khator.


No need to open old wounds. I was also against Whitmire’s position. But when you deal in politics, Renu had to do what made sense and that was not the hill to die on. UH still did the build out of new dorms, and the university has plenty of people living on campus (more than ever I assume and definitely more than when I attended), so Renu got her victory in a different way.

This topic has potential to go sideways. Hope it doesn’t.


Ok…let’s keep it current.

He grandstands just last month about how dare UT leave the Big 12 and “screw over” all these Texas schools and how bad it is for the state…blah blah blah…then he shows up to their very first game, and dressed in UT gear.

How genuine was his stance…really?


For a politician? I think you know the answer


“Genuine” and “stance” are 2 words which should never be used in any sentence about politicians.


That is precisely why this should never be acceptable.
Let say I agree with you then let me ask you all a question about Whitmire:
What has he done to get a fair share of the PUF?
I might not agree politically with the Houston mayor but at least he wears UH RED often.


Someone show me a picture of Rick Perry decked out in UT gear while he lived in Austin. He is also a politician after all.

And for those that say "that’s different " then thats the problem.

Because that’s the very culture Dr. Khator was attempting to create and the culture Senator Whitmire was fighting to prevent.

Dude is NOT a Coog.


I definitely don’t agree politically with your mayor or Whitmire. But this is old news and not important today in my opinion.

Renu navigated those waters and moved ahead with the grand plan (as we all know here). And there are more grand plans to come what I’ve seen on the Academics Forum, and Renu is making the changes she ultimately wanted to make, just more stealth.

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I can’t say if Whitmire is or is not a Coog as stated above because it’s an opinion. But I recognize you’re not happy with him, duly noted.

As far as changing the culture of UH, I’m all for it. I was in the minority of students when I attended regarding traditional vs commuter. That seems to have changed quite a bit since I attended due to the sheer amount of new dorms, campus offerings and beds available and occupied these days. And private dorms are available, too. That phenomenon never existed before and has nothing to do with old Whit’s hardline.

So that part of the culture is changing. But in my “opinion”, I think the attitude of UH grads and students changes for the better once the university increases its 4 year graduation rate to well over 50%, maybe closer to 60%.

Kids coming in, taking a 15-18 hour course load each semester, graduating on time and getting jobs upon graduation will do more to change the culture than just forcing freshman to live on campus. The gravitation towards “traditional” college experiences grows organically if more kids actually take on traditional college course loads per semester and graduate on time. Success attracts more interest, and that’s the time to wow prospective students with graduation successes, along with campus life and traditional college experiences.

And that is a Renu issue in my opinion; nothing to do with hot air Whitmire.

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I will line up an side with Chancellor/President/Dr. Khator 1000 out of 1000 times regardless of the issue or opponent. Whitmire is a Coog when it benefits his political career. He is a longhorn, aggie, and whatever else he needs to be when politics dictate it. So be it. As for Dr. Khator, her degrees may say University of Kanpur and Purdue University, but she is a University of Houston Cougar through and through. She is the face of and force behind the greatness at UH. Likewise, her husband, Dr. Suresh Khator, is a proud Houston Cougar. If you attend football games, they are there. Basketball, check. Baseball, check. Softball, check. Volleyball, check. The school of music, check. The school of communications, check. The school of hotel and restaurant management, check. Law school, check. Medical school, check. Capital improvement, check. Tier One status, check. Fundraising, check. Endowments, check. You name it, she is front and center. The University of Houston is beyond fortunate to have Dr. Khator as its leader. She has transformed our university. She is the greatest leader ever at UH and second place is not even close. If she and Whitmire had any type of fight, I would pick her…including a fist fight. She would kick his ass and do it with elegance and class.


Uhh … he is wearing an all white shirt with a small longhorn over the pocket and an all white cap with Texas on it …

BIG DEAL … if he is a snake then 1927 is just another whiner … I suspect this is something MORE than just wearing burnt orange and more with Dr. Strangelove and his current controversies

When my brother and I make our bucket list visits to famous football games throughout America we always wear the home colors and T-shirts to blend in … but I am still UH cougar through and through …


I am and will always side with Dr. Khator too.

I think she needs to revisit the issue of freshman dorm requirement, especially if she can time it with the move to the Big 12.


Just curious Dave…when you visit DKR Memorial Stadium, will you sip Chardonnay and leave at Halftime ?

You know, to get the full TU experience ?:smiley: