This is the coach we need!

The ties to X recruiting ground are overrated in my opinion. In this age you recruit nationally of you’re an elite recruiter. You recruit locally first because it’s easier though.

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Are you ok? Hitting the sauce hard on a Sunday?

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Edit: lol nevermind.

How about the Wazzu or Oregon St coaches since they are both soon to be G5 now? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’d have to do more research on Oregon St. but their coach may actually be pretty legit.

Not me, (hiccup)!

Just a reminder that our meltdown was only triggered by a loss and not potentially illegal activity.

And? It’s still irrelevant.

I don’t think Brian Hartline will leave The Ohio State university. Coaching at your alma mater is a dream from a lot of guys. Unless he really want to be a HC and UH has opportunity

I mean Ryan Day isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. And he has already said he wants to win a national championship as a head coach and then be a head coach in the NFL. Clearly staying at OSU is not his goal.

Recruiting is so national and direct that having Texas hs relationships doesnt mean what it used to. Sark isnt from Texas and has done just fine. Find some regional position coaches or coordinators and you’re fine.


The problem with hiring head coaches or offensive or defensive coordinators from blue bloods is that you know they are using UH as a stepping stone, like Herman. UH is low P5 and have a coach with a good record for a couple of years, and higher P5s will be throwing money at him

Exactly. The last time we listened to the Texas highschool football coaches we kept applewhite on. It’s time we did what was best for us.

That’s what pezman needs to do, and if he can’t do that and see he needs to find someone from a top 5 winning program he doesn’t deserve to be in the position he is in.

Ok and is that a bad thing? We are P5 bow that means the schools that could poach us are way lower than before. And his goal is to win a national championship as a head coach. With the right recruits you can do that at Houston, we have a fertile recruiting ground.

Not a bad thing, but the reaction when Briles, Sumlin, and Herman left for greener pastures was less than kind.

I mean would you rather of not had Briles, Sumlin, and Herman?
I get no one wants to feel like a stepping stone, but the reality is Brian Kelly left Notre Dame for LSU. Coaches leave. But If you can hire a few good ones in a row you can build some stability. Heck look at Iowa State. They were able to hang on to Campbell and now there are some fans that are wishing he had left. You pursue the best coach you can find and hthen fight to hang on to him as long as you can. With the expanded play off coming next year and a Donor like Tilman who has already shown hes willing to help us foot the bill for who he believes is the right guy you really can level the playing field in a meaningful way now.


Ya because they went out of their way to screw us when they didn’t have too. Scott Frost showed how you leave a program. And we are P5 now so it’s unlikely that trend continues.

Monken straight up rebuilt a winless southern miss team and parlayed that into becoming the OC for Tampa Bay

He’s been everywhere

Like I said earlier I like him, I just think he that he thinks he is close to getting an nfl head coach gig and he isn’t coming to UH over that.

Thats fine…let them use us!

They desperately want to PROVE they are the real deal so the are super ambitious to do whatever it takes to make UH great while they are here.

Then some school swoops in and PAYS US for that coach.

Rinse and Repeat!

We just need good internal infrastructure and a good coach evaluator to select that coaching piece of our program.

Compare the alternative- WE PAY for a coach to leave that has sucked the life out of the program

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Agree to a point but its harder to have a sustained winning culture and program when you are changing coaches every 2-3 years. History tells us you are going to hire some duds, which will set back your program. But I understand your point and there is merit to it.