This is the coach we need!

I mean the only counter then is to purposely hire worse coaches so they stay longer…

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I’m beginning to think you just described CDH.


We might find one that is ambitious with something to prove and wants to stay…like Sampson.

But if we keep going with losers…we will continue to leave our program in horrible shape

I would rather have someone who could give the program momentum for a few years and then maybe a decent coach can keep us at some level of success. Keep going with CDH and it won’t be nice for the fans or the team


To be fair the indication Brian Hartline gives is he ain’t leaving till he wins a championship with that team or the NFL calls. And if won us a national championship at any point I wouldn’t be mad if he left shortly after for greener pastures.

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Ambition= good

What we DO NOT WANT is a cash grab coach like CH and then we foolishly extended him.

That’s why he mocks us for so being so stupid.

This is 5th year…that is a ton of time on the college football world yet he can barely beat one previous CUSA team and got embarrassed by another.

I do not have Sam Houston down as an automatic win. they’ve been known to have a well coached, well prepared program for a while now.


I’d take Oregon State’s coach in a HEARTBEAT!

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How about the Miami OC who just beat a&m? That guy is a wizard! :eyes::rofl:


Well coached?


They haven’t scored a TD yet, and are averaging 1.5 pts per game.

Yes…they have a history of being top tier in division II so they have a winning culture.

They are making the jump to Division I this year.

I watched them play BYU and they were holding their own…it was 7-0 in the 4th quarter.

They’ve only given up 27 points all year.

There will be growing pains and their offense needs to grow talentwise but they are well coached, disciplined and have a Defense that is holding their own.

Compare that to how much our Power 5 defense gave up to G5 Rice in just the first quarter!!!

There is No Way we hold BYU to 14 points.

Sam Houston can definitely upset us

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Well, if they don’t score a TD this week, then I’m penciling this in as a win.

Even Belk’s D can stop that!

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Shawn Clark Ap St.

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Maybe…but they still are a disciplined…well coached team…something we are NOT.

They just need to upgrade the offensive talent/ depth for division 1 but they might figure some things out before our game.

They have a bye week this week so 2 weeks to prepare for us.

We know their defense is Division 1 ready!

They shpuld both be candidates if available when Dana is relieved of his duties here.

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@MHayes29dagoat figured it out.

BINGO…Heres the Truth

Is this another son of Jon Kitna, former Bengals and Lions QB?

Didn’t his other son get busted for kiddie porn?

This is a terrible example :joy::joy::joy:

:roll_eyes: Matt Rhule wasnt from Texas and he did just fine. Better?


:joy: slightly! Art had the program popular, Baylor still had boosters paying…