This morning's ESPN Bracketology

Has us in Dallas. As a 6 seed. Playing the Evil Empire. Oh my.


oh please yes

More likely we’d be the 10 seed in that game.

This would create civil war between my UH son and my Longhorn wife. I’m not sure I want to be in the house when that game is on.

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According toespn Dallas will host both a east and a west sub regional while Boise will also host two sub regionals.

All sites host 2 sub-regionals. That is, there are only 8 sites for the 16 sub-regionals.

this is good and bad…losing to any non-texas team in the first round and this season is still a success … losing to a mediocre texas in texas will stain the season …fanbase…and recruiting

this could be good…since shaka came etheyve been cleaning house on elite recruits in texas…to beat texas in texas…will get us fans for next year, energize the fanbase and students

that game would be amplified in meaning win or lose

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This would be awesome beyond epic proportions!

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But will it be like in football and UT burns up the phones at the NCAA and CBS to ensure the committee makes sure it doesn’t happen?

what would be day format be? thurs/sat or fri/sun? if its the latter I could go to the game sun should we win the first round game. I’ll be in new Orleans on that sat. smh


Does anyone else plan on going to the First/Second round?

I’m kind of torn on us playing in Dallas… it would be cheaper and there would be more UH fans, but while there are worse location, I could go to Dallas anytime so it kind of takes the fun out of it.

I’m fine with us playing UT because I’m confident we could beat them, but I’d rather play someone who as a fan base we aren’t adding extra baggage on top of what is already a big game. In other words, do I want to deal with UT fans? No.

The committee does not bracket the tournament. They seed all of the teams and the brackets are produced by computer

Oh wow didn’t realize that…so I’m guessing chances of this matchup happening are still pretty low.

tried to take off during the week but someone beat me to it. i’ll be in new Orleans sat for the rockets game. that’s why i asked what the format would be. if its fri-sun i can drive to dallas for the sunday game should we win on Friday.

Dallas is a Thursday-Saturday site. All sites and dates listed here:

15-17 is Thurs-Sat,

If we are playing in Dallas, I am in.

The big UT center makes them hard to beat, he only played a little against the sheepmen from TT.

Yes all the way for this matchup!