This SMU game feels big!

Saturday night home game at TDECU on the deuce. Ranked and undefeated rival SMU vs 6-1 Houston knocking on the door of a top 25 ranking. This is the game Holgorsen needs to win to turn some serious heads in the city and country and solidify his job. I think this game is where Holgorsen finally pops his 30K home attendance cherry. Should be a memorable game! We are playing alongside the World Series but oh well what can you do?


In effect, this game will determine who goes to the conference championship. If UH wins, they can still lose one and have the tie breaker over SMU. However, SMU still plays Cincinatti in regular season. If UH loses, then SMU will have to lose two…one to Cincy and the another, which is possible. But if UH wins, it should be close to 100% probability we would play Cincy. What is interesting is that the bylaws say that if a team is leaving the conference, they can’t host the AAC championship. I guess they would disregard that if it is Cincy vs UH.


I hope we win …but seriously, does anyone feel we can play a complete game against a hungry top 25 opponent that got snubbed in the P5 expansion carousel?

They are going to be coming for blood.

This may be the beat down we need to wake our administration up.

Luckily, most of Houston will be focused on the World Series but please convince me that the CDH hire wasn’t a total complete failure money wise and on the field?

I’ve been watching the same exact thing for 1,2, 3 seasons now


UH1927 sounds like a voice of reason here. I’m concerned we get boat raced next week.

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Or… This may be the WIN to wake up the CDH Haters!


If we do then we know all our other wins against these crappy teams were a sham and we really aren’t very good, but if we win then I’m more a believer in Holgorsen

I hope you’re right but who is CDHs most impressive win while HC here?

The answer will tell you all you need to know.

Looking forward to seeing the spread on this game.

Right he hasn’t beaten any good team yet, this weekend will tell me a lot, thank goodness we have a defense or our record would be crap I think this year again


And CDH hired the defensive staff… He deserves credit for the play of the entire team; not just the offense. The entire team is 6-1.


Think 1996 SoMiss!!

Yes but the defense disappears for complete quarters at times and that is against a CUP CAKE schedule.

Like I said on the other thread I am praying for a big ran delay in Atlanta that maybe even pushes the Astros World Series game back a day. We went through a 5 hour delay, It is Atlanta’a turn. I know UH fans enough that too many will stay home to watch the Astros. I love the Astros but TDECU needs to be packed against SMU!


Even if we lose to SMU, we can still have a nine or 10 win season. If that happens, CDH has to be given another chance. With all the teams looking for head coaches this year, it’s a bad time to go fishing for a new head coach. I think the team steps up and we win next week.

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This game is HUGE

A win and it’s a 95% chance we are likely playing in the Conference Championship game

Based on favorable scheduling and SMU having monster scheduling. A win and the conference #2 is virtually locked …

A loss on our end and we’d still have a chance … SMU still has UCF, Cincy and @Memphis… losing 2 of those isn’t crazy

Not that it’s matter Cincy would smash us in the CCG … but with 1 game for a title you never know



Come on Man!!!

You have great knowledge of UH athletics. Nothing is 95%.

We have too much of a history for 95% thinking.

Just keep good thoughts. All we have is hope upon hope.

yes 95% chance

if we beat smu… our remaining schedule is 2-5 usf, 3-4 temple, and a 4-4 Memphis in Houston…

and that is if smu still has @cincy, ucf, @memphis…and playing the Houston game in Houston…

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Maybe we can be SMU’s trap game.


Belk needs to dial up a swarm that keeps Mordecai running for his life under pressure and tossing up ducks. That’s how we win.


SMU is going to beat us and I do not think the game will be all that close in the 4Q.

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