This year’s B12 Champ

Ever since we got invited to the B12 I’ve been dreaming of this scenario where both UT and OU are shut out of the championship game for the remainder of their time there. I just never though it would be


Please, please explain why everything has to be so hard for me!!!

Rooting for the Big 12 and BYU has been a real struggle.

Baylor just makes it harder.


Don’t like Baylor at all but I would like to see them or one of the leftovers win the Big12. This will give the new look Big12 more clout by embarrassing two future SEC bluebloods.


That was my theory too. Just goes to show you may get what you wish for…but in a context you weren’t expecting. Baylor looked good against ISU.

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Yeah, at the top of the season I was rooting for ISU to take it all.


I watched Iowa in their game vs ISU. I thought how dominant they looked. After last week it might be apparent ISU was a bit overrated.

There is a second scenario which, more unlikely, would be just as palatable. Say OU or UT wins the B12 but gets killed in the playoff by Cincy or BYU.

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Picking Baylor to win it all in B12. They have got some studs on that team kind of like there BB team. Everybody was picking Gonzaga to win the NCAA after I watched what Baylor did to UH, I said no way these guy’s lose to Gonzaga. It was men against boys.

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Yea. I hate to admit it. They look tough.

K-State will beat Baylor

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Okie St. and WVU also have good teams.

TCU plays the Longhorns Saturday while said ‘Horns dream of OU the next Saturday. And The Killer Frogs have been killing Bevo.

Good race this season.

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Gary Patterson (TCU) is looking to revenge the loss to SMU.
After the game he said “they (SMU) hated us more than we hated them.”
I don’t think that will be the problem this week.

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Patterson said"they hated us more than we hated them". We are going to be in trouble every week then once in B12, they all hate us.



Don’t forget about Oklahoma State.

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Man I just looked it up. Last time either ut / ou didn’t play in the big 12 championship game was in 1998. Crazy.

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Stoops was one of the GOATs. I loved the old big12 like the older folks loved the old SWC. Its upsetting and boring to know teams have gone on to the SEC/Big10. Maybe went the CFB arms race bubble pops thing might go back.

Apparently there was a scuffle after the game and an SMU player swung his helmet and hit I believe a TCU coach in the head. That was his reference while Sonny Dikes tried to down play it.

SMU is a dirty program sometimes. I hate that school. TCU and UH never rose to the hate level. I thought our Texas Bowl game was pretty good too.
And Stoopes was awesome. But I never watched the B12 unless it was to see UT lose.

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Okie State is gonna knock off Baylor this weekend.

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Lets hope. But I’m more concerned with who’s gonna knock off the bullies first.