Thoughts after first loss?

This thread is not to overreact, so if you are going to overreact than keep it pushing lol. But it’s a though loss, I said before the game that they are built perfectly to beat us. I’m going to be honest this loss is 100% on Sampson. He was horrible this game with the gameplan and rotations in the first half which cost us the game. He adjusted in the 2nd half and did a much better job, but he shouldn’t have waited to the 2nd half to make changes. After the first TV timeout we should have stopped doubling and feeding the post. Our strengths are our guards, we need to space the floor and let them cook. He also should have called a TO, Shead got across half court with about 4 seconds left, Sampson should have called a TO and drew up a play. He was just off tonight.

Carlton and Taze shouldn’t have played so many minutes. Shead, Sasser, Kyler, Mark, Fabian lineup should have been playing in the first half. Like @pesik said we knew their bigs could really pass and their team could shoot so Why in the world would you go into the game willing to take that risk of doubling and giving up wide open 3s. Just an overall bad performance from Sampson and the coaching staff.

That being said I’m extremely proud of how we played in the second half. We won the half by 18 and had a chance to tie it in the end. The coaches finally adjusted and put the right lineups in. Our kids play so hard and I really like this team. This is a Q1 lost, Wisconsin is no joke, they will be in the tournament and if they win tomorrow they will be ranked. Don’t get too down on the team, we knew were weren’t going to win every game, a 2 point lost against a really good big 10 team is not the end of the world. This lost will only make us stronger. Dare I say…. This is a “good loss” :joy: #GoCoos


@pesik and @Jcoop9 I’m interested to hear your guys thoughts on how much this loss was on the coaching. Gameplan, rotations, timeouts etc

seasons over we should consider firing kelvin Sampson were a football school now we won’t even make the NIT


Great comeback, and don’t want to sound like a broken record, but we have not been good from the FT line this year. Improve that and we’ll be hard to beat.

Wisconsin hit 80%, we hit 53%…hard to say that didn’t cost us today.


It’s really easy to say who you would have played after the game is over…LOL…


We should wait on building Sampson’s statue since the snowflakes would want to tear it down


You mean the snow***** who’s such a wuss that he won’t go out in the rain because it will mess up his fake hairdo?

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Stopped reading after the “this was on Sampson” comment.

1 of 10 stars. Would not recommend reading.


We make free throws, we win.

Better get Sampson out there to shoot them. So that we can really blame him for the loss.


Well we didn’t get blown out so that was the positive. Fought back from a huge deficit which was great. Just wish we didn’t miss so many free throws. I would blame the refs but at the end of the day we make our free throws we win.


going into the game with a strategy to double isnt the issue to me… becuase its one of those things you dont know how opponents will hanfle its till they see it… a lot of great passers have not looked great vs us…

sticking with it the entire1st half is where i wished we had abandoned the plan a bit sooner … but you live and learn…

the last play, we had a timeout, i would have called it but someone noted, you get easier shots in transtion…if shead throws up a floater instead of passing and we go to overtime, or swings it out to sasser who was spoted for a 3 sooner and won, i dont think anyone would have cared…
shead will grow from this… if shead has the right mindset it could actually be a blessing and push him to improve and make him deadly in march

i dont think our offensive roles have been assigned… no offense to roberts and taze, but they were a bit too aggressive on offense, and should be playing secondary roles there…
sasser, edwards ,and mark need to take more assertive role on offense…they are not going to get clean looks vs good teams, they need to learn they are the guys and will be defended as such, there response shouldn’t be to pass to bad shooters…and only start being aggressive when down huge

overall im not that upset… because i felt we addressed a ton of issues in-game… but the team still hasn’t figured out its offensive identity yet, we’ll get there


We swap in Coogsin4 for CKS and we win. Pretty simple.


Yeah, because they don’t practice FTs enough per the Coogfans coaching staff


I was saying it during the game. I’m ok with the rotations and gameplan not being great for the first 5-6 minutes but we were down 17 points and he had Shead, Kyler, Taze, Roberts, and Carlton in I’m like what in the world are you doing.

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Was Sampson a college player?


Shead and Kyler were our best guards tonight. Roberts is our best rebounder. For a team struggling on offense in the first half, would make sense to have your best rebounder in the game to manufacture offense.

If you want to split hairs about Taze Moore and Josh Carlton, fine. Go for it.


Played at Pembroke, cant find much about his time though.

U can relax with the sarcasm man, Sampson isn’t perfect he can have a bad game it’s not the end of the world. His gameplan and rotations were horrible in the first half. He adjusted but too late. It’s a tough loss and he probably won’t have another game coaching like this again. Don’t over exaggerate what I’m saying to try to prove a point


We missed more free throws than the Badgers and uncharacteristically committed more turnovers than our opponent. Also, we had a couple kids force some shots in the 1st half that you don’t like to see. Were we outcoached? That question is above my pay grade. However, I do like how we drove the ball to the hoop more in the 2nd half and hope that continues the rest of the season.

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