Thoughts after first loss?

You don’t take out Mark, Sasser, and Fabian if you are struggling on offense lol

My thoughts after the first loss? $H!T HAPPENS.

It just does.


Yeah, relax Jo. It’s always the game plan or play calls, never a case of players not executing


What did they do in the first half? Besides miss open layups and turn the ball over?

Let’s blame Sampson for that, too.

Definitely was on Sampson that Davis had 4 open looks at three in the first half.

If you actually watched the game, Kiyron Powell was asking what Mark or Moore were doing on one of the rotations. Clearly he knew the game plan.


Great points and especially this one. Sampson realized in the second half that we have no business running our offense through bigs. We don’t have Drew Timme. Our guards are our best weapons. That’s why we looked so much better in the 2nd half offensively.

I hope we start running kyler like we did grimes. Kyler needs to shoot 8 3s a game He’s just too good on catch and shoots.


Enjoy the season. We are good, better than all but a short list of programs. Win lots, lose a few.


Exactly. Not sure why we do this every time we lose.

It’s nauseating.

Can’t wait for more of these as the season goes on.

What are we doing? I just asked for people’s first thoughts after the lost. I literally said it’s a though loss and we shouldn’t overreact :joy: you are just instigating. We are just talking basketball. This is why so many people get run off this board, especially the younger posters. Can’t even talk basketball

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Wisconsin was ready to go and it showed. They handed our hats to us most of the way. We didn’t look ready. We brain cramped on defense. We couldn’t hit shots and got embarrassed. I am grateful this game was in November. Having said all that, we will learn a lot from this game and if we met them again in February (or better yet March) I dare say we would win by 20 points.

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Oh. I thought we were here to help join in on the Kelvin Sampson bashing. That was the point of your post, right?

No you are just instigating and not reading. Someone says one thing you don’t like and you have to act all extra. Just chill man. If you can’t have a normal conversation without the extra stuff are sarcasm just move along.

Lol. Okay. Your first 2 paragraphs were literally about how bad CKS was tonight and what the Coogfan Experts would have done better.

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Early season loss to a good Big Ten school. Solid comeback and nothing to be ashamed about.

Learn from it and move forward, because there’s a ton of season left to play, conference title and NCAA’s to get through.



Pesik got it right. We don’t have an identity of our offense or team. We had to replace 4 starters along with integrating 3 transfers , plus Tramon missing first 3 games


That’s the big one. Tramon missing the first 3 games. Sampson was raving on him all offseason. And now we have to work him back in.

The best thing about a Sampson coached team. We’ll be a hell of a lot better in March than we are now.


Yeah that’s what fans do…. We give our opinions and say what we would have done. That’s what people do when they talk sports. Again you just want to argue and instigate and be extra for no reason. If fans aren’t allowed to give their opinions why is this board even here? “You aren’t the coach so you’re opinion isn’t valid and you should speak” ok than everyone should stop talking sports because y’all aren’t the coach lol

Just don’t post dumb s*** if you don’t want that kind of reaction.

If you want to be constructive, cool. But you just wanted to come in here and rag on a hall of fame coach. Like he is the one that missed five free throws in the second half. Or was late on rotations against Davis in the first half. Or made J’Wan Roberts drop an easy pass for an easy dunk. And the list goes on and on and on.

Or he made Shead force a pass to Tramon Mark that ended up being a turnover and an easy dunk for Davis. Or had the refs miss Shead get completely obliterated on a drive when the game was 63-60. Which in turn led to us fouling Davis on the rebound. 4 point swing. Should I keep going?


Or coached Marcus into a subpar tournament so far

If you guys think Kelvin Sampson is going to bail on a defense he’s been running for 30 years just because Wisconsin hit a few threes, you’re crazy. His teams do not get insanely good in February and March by bailing on his core defensive strategy in November because of a bad half. He is still developing a ton of these players, and they are nowhere near as good defensively now as they will be in a few months. But the recipe isn’t to just abandon your core defensive principles. The recipe is to stay the course and continue to pound home these principles every single day. And by the time they get to March, the breakdowns are far and few between. You guys overreact to absolutely everything. I have followed Sampson for almost 30 years so I would know. He doesn’t just knee jerk change strategies because things aren’t going well in the first half of a game in November. He is relentless in what he teaches and that’s why he’s a hall of famer.

If you guys want a coach who is going to be a chameleon from half to half and game to game, go take a look at your last several coaches. You don’t get the results in February and March without sticking with your principles, when when your team struggles. You lose with your identity and you win with your identity.


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