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I know it’s 2 weeks out, but I’ve been kind of tracking tickets for UCONN since Sunday. This is way early and there’s no telling what’s been held back or what UCONN has, but one thing i noticed is that a lot of tickets disappeared last night. Either fans started buying up tickets or the ticket brokers did.

This is the current count of available singe game tickets for UCONN on uhcougars.com:

Ticket Count: 562

Athletic Office has said that you can only buy tickets to Louisville if you get mini-plans and you have to buy tickets to the UCONN game if you get the mini-plan. Going off that, they say there are less than 1500 mini plan tickets left.

I’m also assuming that UCONN doesn’t have a huge inventory of tickets. My guess then is that we’re probably sitting at less than 3,000 tickets left for the UCONN game…two weeks out.


About 3,000 tickets available on Stubhub. Which seems about right for two weeks out. Should be a good crowd, especially for a Thursday night game.


It is time for Cougar Nation to step up and sell out all of our remaining home games. One loss since 2014! Our players have earned and deserve to see 40,000 in TDECU. As CTH said last night after the game we have targets on our backs and having 40,000+ is a big help against those targets.


Here’s my SeatGeek ticket price tracking chart …

After the win at Cincinnati, there’s been a tick up in price for tickets the UConn game. This may be a data point supporting Patrick’s premise that fan interest is perking up for the UConn game or the $2 price change may simply be noise.

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Just bought a pair of GA seats to donate to a raffle at my kids school for the UConn game. They are going for $24 each at the UH ticket office.

There were several people there buying tickets and most were getting the three pack mini plan as they are wanting the Louisville tickets…


I added 4 GA 3 game packs today. StubHub has a lot of tickets. UH needs to stop selling to the secondary market. Ticket office told me that people have been complaining that their tickets were not granting them access when purchased off of stubhub. Maybe BS, maybe not.

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Down to 115 tickets left and I think UCONN may have returned some tickets as 106 of those 115 are located in section 224. Anybody looking for 2nd level tickets for UCONN, now’s your chance. The rest are all singles in the upper deck and GA is sold out. I headed over to the actual ticketmaster sight and they show nothing for UCONN except for resale tickets.

Went to the mini-plans and it’s pulling from the same set of tickets in 224 and it also doesn’t allow you to choose GA tickets for UCONN. Sort of strange that the school isn’t advertising our numbers for UCONN; I tried to ask a couple days ago where we were at and got no response.

School did say that Louisville was less than 200 mini-plan tickets from a sell-out. Looking at the 3 other games, it looks like Tulsa is doing better than the others, but I’d say we’re about 3K-4K from selling those out.

We’ve sold all those corner seats already? Hard to believe.

Like last year, scalpers keep buying up many of the cheaper seats that are still available when we get under 5k left. There is about $3k tickets available for resale on different ticket sites and based on the locations, less than a 3rd are probably season ticket holders selling theirs.

I think a lot of people jumped on the 3 game package just to get Louisville tickets because those by themselves are going for more in resale than the 3 pack cost.


Did we ever get the attendance for the Cincinnati game? They claim 3rd highest attendance at Nip but I saw a lit of empty seats un the UH side of the field.

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Uconn tickets are tied to Louisville tickets. To get a Louisville ticket, you have to buy a UConn ticket as well.

I’m with you on that.

Ticket Available Count is at 75

68 of the 75 are in Section 224. I’m going to try to hit them up today to see if they’ll give a realistic count on UCONN.

Louisville game is sold out from what I can tell as if you try to buy a mini-plan, it says that no tickets are available for that game. I’m assuming that the graphics folks weren’t working today which is why we didn’t get an update on twitter?

Ticket Count = 3 available

Section 313 Row 2 Seat 6
Section 313 Row 3 Seat 6
Section 324 Row 1 Seat 1

If you go for the 3 game Mini-Plan, you’ll get Louisville SRO tickets and UCONN seats in Section 306 Row 21 or higher (At least Row 21 or 22 - I couldn’t get tickets anywhere else no matter how hard I tried). These tickets may have been held back to pair with Louisville SRO tickets.

They’ve also opened a 2 Game mini-plan for Tulsa & UCF.

If you go to the actual Ticketmaster site, there are only resale tickets available.

Still no answer from the athletic department about our status for UCONN.

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I think they are waiting for UConn to give back their allotment. You can still buy up to 20 tickets at a time off of the UConn site.

Secondary market ticket price for UConn is at $10 to get in the game. It is typically tough to get a good crowd at a Thursday night game. That price tells me there is little demand and maybe excess supply given that people who want Louisville tickets must buy UConn tickets. It’s a good promotion to sell tickets and earn revenue, but I’m not sure it will translate to butts in the seats. I expect a lot of these tickets go unsold and unused. At $10 a ticket, it isn’t worth it for some people to try to unload extra tickets.

But look at that Louisville game. Prices soared 40% after Louisville beat Florida State. That game (even though on a Thursday night) will be a game for the ages. I’ve been tracking secondary markets for a couple of years now. The highest priced game at TDECU has been the 2015 Memphis game which peaked at $29 to get in the stadium. At $104, there won’t be an empty seat in the house. If you’re not using a ticket, there’s plenty of incentive to get it in the hands of someone who will.


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Thanks for creating these price tables. Will be interesting to follow as the season progresses.

When does UConn have to return their un-sold tickets?

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