Tom Herman’s culture

How long before the Texas faithful turn on him?


Already are. UT ain’t buying his culture. Worked great for UH. Texas is too arrogant to buy in. Herman gonna regret leavin’ us.


They wanted him so bad now you have him. Have fun in Austin.


Had UT done their due diligence they would have found out that Greg Ward saved Herman/Applewhite more times than not. He was able to improvise on plays…after they broke down.

Also, had UT done their due diligence they would have seriously asked if they wanted to go with “another” non P5 flash in the pan type coach. Well, they did.


He looks very small in the post game interview on the Longhorn network.

He had an entire city in his palm while he was here. Now he looks very small.


It’s the TH offense. It just can’t score enough points and needs a super human at QB.


Go check out Orangebloods. There’s a truly majestic collective meltdown going on over there.


On my way…going to enjoy!

Agreed. Houston had a bunch of kids with chips on their shoulders. It was the perfect environment for Herman. Give’em some tough luv, a bit of discipline, and they would go through a wall for you in order to prove others wrong. UT on the other hand is full of prima donnas. You won’t get the same results.

Always be careful of what you ask for. Sometimes you get it, and you’ll regret it.


aaaahhhh what a nice day. I was more worried about ut winning than us losing during the rice game. I find this most enjoyable!


Maryland will win one game in the Big 10.

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Yep. His culture here was going to be very hard to duplicate there for multiple reasons. The rip your heart and give to me doesn’t work as well after you bail on another group of guys. They also have a much different kind of player there.


There is no Greg Ward Jr in Austin. That is all. Goodnight.


and they haven’t gotten the upperclassman buy in that Herman got here right away.


On my way! Can’t wait!

Link to orangebloods?

Ellinger threw two int’s in the fourth quarter. Note to Tom – before you break bad, gou should make sure you have a quarterback as remarkable as Greg Ward.

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I think it has more to do with the Urban Meyer offense that Herman wants to run. Without the right players (ie: High IQ, mobile QB being key), It’ll struggle. See UT or us last year or Ohio State after they won the title.

He doesn’t have a Greg Ward or Tim Tebow to bail him out right now and he ran off most of the upperclassmen with his antics so he can’t fall back on a stifling defense to save him.

I thought they’d go 7-5 or 8-4 before the season and think that’s about where they’ll end up. My worry has been that he’ll go after K.Briles if he’s in too much hot water in order to save his job. Hopefully, he’s let go or too stubborn to change before that happens.


This year is looking like a 6-6 or 5-7 type of year for the Horns.

2010 5-7
2011 8-5
2012 9-4
2013 8-5
2014 6-7
2015 5-7
2016 5-7
2017 7-6
2018 ?

That is a lot of mediocrity for a long time.


Remember Maryland whipped them last year too so this loss is even more unacceptable in terms of they should’ve known not too take them lightly.

I don’t follow Texas football so for all I know they have injuries or a new OC or something because I know they haven’t had scholly reductions so by sheer talent margin they should’ve handled a mid level ACC team.

They have Southern Cal, TCU, and OU in the next five games so I think we should dedicate this thread to following another 2-4 start down there :laughing: