Too much analysis?

I get that the point of this message board is to talk about our beloved coogs. Does anyone think that there could be a negative-value to us providing opinions on our perceived strengths/weaknesses?

For instance, one of our opponents may glean some knowledge about our offensive scheme, or a tendency that they could exploit, and it could lead to a loss where otherwise it may not have.

The flipside of this is the recruiting research that we as coogfans do, that our bball office may take a second look at a player where they might’ve glossed over, or perhaps there’s a weakness that we’ve noticed that they havent yet(that they fix right after we mention it), etc.

We don’t really know how much stock the coaching staff (or other coaching staffs) really put into the comment or opinion of random strangers of the internet, but I still pose the question; Could we potentially be shooting ourselves in the foot by diving into the stats, historical records, etc., or is nobody worried about it?

Tilman and Dr. Khator specifically hired Fritz after a poll conducted on CoogFans suggested they do as such


I’ve tried to get this board to only speak in Cherokee but nobody pays any heed to these dangers it seems.


Even if the analysis here was 100% accurate, I’m highly skeptical that other teams would trust a message board for their scouting report over the system they have developed internally.

That said, they would have to be flaming idiots not to read my posts. Same goes to our coaching staff.


That’s some first class OCD over thinking. Well done

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every team has access to synergy scouting - trust me their not on this board lol

now the marketing folks or support staffers may read the boards but doubt its for coaching info lol

Too much analysis?

I’m sure other teams will go through film on our basketball team.

Give any coach enough time and mismatches, holes, personnel, etc can be figured out.

I’m sure CKS is doing the same on other teams.

I would imagine if you look at any fan forum for any team, the analysis would be the same.

Criticizing that we miss too many shots or that we should get Calvin Murphy to teach free throws, etc. I don’t know how much of that is helpful to another team. They can just watch the tapes like they already do and get the same info.

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I don’t think you guys realize how much information synergy gives you( which every staff in the nation has)

Even in boards we only go surface level… synergy will tell you detailed weaknesses and strengths of every player and detailed plans on their weaknesses… there’d be no need for any coach to come to a message board


@pesik and the other basketball gurus don’t want to let you know, but that’s why those silly “arguments” happen. We have unusually good basketball knowledge on this board and they are aware that if they all made the same points our opponents would use it against us. So they get in these fake arguments to make it harder for opposing teams to figure out which critiques are the most accurate. The five pages of back and forth leave them so confused they cant’ even scout us properly when they watch the video. They look for what everyone says and they see it and think, “They can’t all be right!” “what the hell!!!”
Their brains melt
Then the Coogs get another W.
5 D Chess baby!


Calipari told me he loves the Jo v pesik diatribes


Coaches taking info from fan forums??

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I pray one day my takes are good enough for an opposing coach to read my post and use it for his scouting report :sob::rofl:


In my opinion, no one here is posting anything the coaches don’t already know. If they are posting things the coaches don’t know, they are things the coaches wouldn’t care about because they’re wrong or inconsequential.

I didn’t think we were that good?:smirk: @pesik @Jcoop9 @Footballer13 @Coog1992 @MRCoog


Right… All of you stop being so good at basketball talk!

From now on to throw everyone off the scent, refer to the game of basketball now as “shootity hoops”


My analysis is 1D.

I watch teams & absorb alot of stats.

But, knowing what plays to draw up to beat a teams defense, cant help you there, lol.

Message board banter, even if high level, these are college coaches (10+ yrs of high level experience). They are the masters, we are students.


Man If a coach is on here listening to me his team is cooked lol


I promise no one who matters is taking the scouting reports to their benefits. If they are, I feel sorry for their program.

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